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Credit/Debit Card Swipe Fees

I applaud the Senate for passing legislation to cap credit and debit card swipe fees for businesses at $.12 per swipe; the current average is $.44 per swipe. For small business, I see this as a big win and a potential boost in confidence. Some who are skeptical of the legislation's benefits are focusing too much on how the bill may bring about lower prices; their argument is that the change is much too small for businesses to lower prices a significant amount. In a sense, these critics are correct. However, they are not seeing the bigger picture of how this move may help local economies as well as the United States economy as a whole.

Let's say the typical small business sees an average of ten swipes a day(probably a very conservative estimate) at the current average of $.44 per swipe; this amounts to $1, 478.40 for the entire year, assuming that the ten swipes a day is a constant. By cutting the swipe fees an average of 73%, these businesses would be paying approximately $400 for the year in swipe fees, a net savings of approximately $1,100, using the numbers from the provided example. Bear in mind that this is all under the assumption that every business sees only ten swipes a day. Say we double the number of swipes per business to twenty; the approximate savings per business would then be $2,200. With $2,200 over a couple years, the owners can seek to improve their business in any number of material ways, which may include expansion, renovation, or provide them with the capacity to hire more workers and/or increase pay for those workers, which has a positive effect on the economy considering the crippling affects of inflation combined with a high jobless rate. In addition, these savings can also boost personal spending by these business owners, pumping additional life into the economy.

On the flipside, corporations are also winning in this scenario. Since corporations are chains that are scattered all throughout the country, their profits will experience an astronomical boost and may even kill small business more with its ability to advertise more, provide shoppers with lower prices, and buy up more property to expand their operations. Essentially, they will be experiencing identical positive effects, but on a much larger scale. In spite of this, if corporations see heightened levels of expansion, they will also be helping the economy by creating much-needed jobs for the unemployed.

The ideal legislation would be to reduce both corporate and small business swipe fees, but by different percentages to make the playing field more level. For small businesses, maybe the reduction could be 70%, and for corporations only 20%. This would still allow for economic expansion by creating jobs and potentially increasing wages, but the ability of corporations to expand at a faster and wider rate would be curbed to help small businesses take back a portion of economic output.

Despite my desire for that adjustment in the legislation, I am still a proponent of the bill that was recently passed, and I hope it helps the economy as I've predicted.

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Fall From Grace

Heaven is a place on earth
and hell is right beside it
you never have to look to far
in a second you could find it
on the corner of your block
if you don't look both ways
in the middle of the night
in the middle of the day
you could,
you could fall
from a very high place
you could fall from pride
or you could fall from grace
they told me drive slow
don't be boozing behind the wheel
my man E, was on E
put himself through the windshield
now that's damage
if you saw his girlfriend
that's panic
panic can span the coast of your soul
like the atlantic
and there is
an assumption of continuity
so even when your in pieces
the public still sees the unity
even when theirs diseases
and reason to fear impunity

Heaven is a place on Earth
but where the Earth is
what are we here for
and are we worthless
purpose, is often aimless
aims are, seen often undone
so I keep climbing
until there's no where left to fall from

This is a DJ you will see a lot from in the future if you go to raves

My friend and I would say the person that teaches me a lot about DJ'ing


DJ Atom C's DEMO

This girl is spittn HOT FIYA LIKE DYLON

A nugget of gold from my computer to your ears and eyes

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Sex Cigs and Up and Coming Artists

Young Spook "In the Mist"

With a harmonic lisp and repetitive flow, young spook relives his life as a street drug dealer, and the anguish and strife. He flips this over a semi-inspirational hook, where he states sometimes what you steppin on is a steppin stone.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hot house... Nothing to do

Fuckin 92 degrees in this house and I got nothing better to do than to sit around and think. I started to wonder who should I call to chill? absolutely no one, not really that no one is around, just that i live so far and i dont feel like burning the gas. But lets say that I got the gas, still fuck it. what the fuck am I gonna go do, spend money? hell no. Im a pilot in training that needs to start saving money, shit idk if imma make the money by friday for the training session that I have scheduled. Why? well im too nice of a guy. This chick needed doe and I gave it to her, lent out a helping hand so that she wouldnt be screwed... I love her to death but seriously fuck her. I gave her that shit 2 weeks ago and she still has yet to pay me back, gave me the excuse that she cant right this second or shell be broke. Bitch im broke now, i gave up my shit to help you out and now your robbing me of what I want to do, what ive been dreaming to do, my future here... Fuck. So hell no to spending money. Now that leaves me to be doing what im currently doing, sitting around doing nothing.
Im reading a book about the seduction community... the world of pick-up artists. Interesting stuff in here. you know i think i should be more like these guys. They get those girls to spread em faster than anything you can imagine. but there is no commitment. This fucking guy in the book will flirt with a girl to get her number only to throw it out in 2 seconds, or hell take em, fuck em, and never call back. textbook douchebag if you ask me but you know what, that mother fucker is never alone. well this gets me thinking about changing my game to be like this only to keep them around alittle longer. See Will Smith in Bad Boys keeps all the girls around, and there are even times when they show up unannounced half dressed to his place. damn I wish i was that lucky. I know i got the swag and potential (girls and gays say it all the time) I just need to ditch that nice guy act. I need to be more self centered then maybe things will change.
Last night i was at a party and thanks to my asshole friend James, i threw up within the first hour of the party. the funnier part is that there were 2 of my friends walking into the party as James was walking me to a safe throw up zone.
girl: Nick, James whats up?!?
guy (not james): Oh shit whats up guys
(James starts to laugh)
Me (Nick): This is one hell of a greeting
ok, no i am not a light weight... lets go over how this happened.... I get to the party and these kids are playing Sangria Pong (Beer Pong with Sangria) played a game and drank most of the cups and all alcoholics know that Sangria is filling. for round 2 James makes me pour a full pong cup to the rim with sangria and before we start pouring into the game, he changed his mind and said we are playing with beer... what the fuck am I supposed to do with all this sangria? yep get called a "left vagina face" and down the whole thing and then play beer pong with my A game because i was soooo full at this point that i didnt wanna drink beer... we had an almost perfect game if James didnt suck. so afterward, people start putting food in my mouth and before i could count it all, i was already at like 3 cheeseburgers and 2 Heinekins and 1 Corona after the Sangria... so just as i go to sit down and light a cigar to relax and let shit settle, everyone starts to play flip cup and i get called a vagina again cause i wasnt playing. I begin to play and i was beasting the first 2 games but then i started to feel it. so i pretended to be cocky and go slow as a joke (really i was going slow cause I wanted to make sure i didnt vomit). eventually i couldnt hold it in and walked to the street with the kid that caused it all, James. (yes right afterward i continued drinking)
Well there was acouple decent girls present that i didnt know so i took time to get to know them... with the entire party knowing about me throwing up, i did not really look to hook up with anyone. lets face it, Im not gonna try to do that to someone. but however i decided to work on conversation. Carryin out a convo and keeping the swag. I did good, by the end of the night i had afew numbers and all of them said im really cool and wanna chill sometime, not bad for the kid who blew chunks (kissing them would have been gross... I am not gonna do that to someone).
But now here I am in this 92 degree house. the girls havnt hit me up but still i dont think id wanna drive all the way to see them. I shit you not I am sooo bored but in no position to spend money cause i gave my boy money (that im not on him for paying me back because he is my boy) and this chick that im alittle annoyed with at the moment.
Well thats all I have to report for right now... Thanks for reading!!!

Sex Cigs and Up and Coming Artists

Symphonies presents M.E.M.O.R.I.E.S

Symphonies, comprised of North East Philadelphian rapper P64, and producer predator prime (son of the great KRS-1) hits the game hard with part 1 of their first mixtape M.E.M.O.R.I.E.S. In this gritty yet melodic piece P64 captures the hypocrosy of growing up in modern day society, dealing with the monotony of day to day living, women, money and the battle with internal demons. With a rapid fire flow that rides each track like a Darthraky Kohl (Game of Thrones reference get on it y'all), P64 paints a his angst ontop of the deep reflective soulful instrumentals of Predator Prime. With tracks like No Feelings that speak out on the futility of love, or Who Am I, that touch on the fading glimpses of self-identity, M.E.M.O.R.I.E.S. is an instant underground classic. Without any further ado:

SYMPHONIES M.E.M.O.R.I.E.S. MIXTAPE by Predator\|/Prime The Dork

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a blong is sorta like a blog bong
where you smoke articles of knowledge into your memory
but anyway i digress
-keyser soze

Dr. Soze the mad marijuana scientist

It was a dark and stormy night. The mad scientist cackled in the darkness. Behinds rows and rows of cannibi plants a faint murmer could be her.

"Mallus!" The scientist bellowed
"Yes, Dr. Soze?" The small imp of a man curdled, as he clunked underneath the purple haze bush.
"I've done it! I've created my greatest creation"
"Your greatest master?"
"Yes my greatest!"
"Greater than the bong job, the blunt that made you come."
"Greater than that!"
"Greater than the blunterminator, the hyrdogenic acid incypted blunt decide to kill pest when smoke was blown at."
"That had too many negative affects on the skinny pigs, I still owe peggy sue a year supply of sticky for the chronic hair loss."
"Greater than the weed-o-rizer 4000, that sucked all of the scent of marijuanna from the user."
"Actually it sucked all of the sense of smell from the user. Yes the room stilled smelled of the chron, just whoever used it couldnt' smell a thing. It only came in handy when I got pulled over and managed to alleviate the officers sense of smell."
"Oh....ooh ooo, is it greater than the vaperizer gas mask that you designed for air force pilots that flew at great altititudes."
"Far greater. That gas mask was actually a prototype, and I am still terribly sorry about what happened to those F-1 fighters out in Bosnia, they were good men we lost that day, in fact the only way I find solace is that, I'm sure when they crashed they didn't feel a thing."
"Is it greater than-"
"Stop it Mallus! It is far greater than all of my achievements."
"Well, stop beating around the bush, master, what is it!"
"I call it ...THE BLONG!" lightning crashed outside simultaneously.
"the blong?"
"The BLONG!"lightning crashed once more.
"hhmmm the blong..."
"Yes....THE BLONG!" Lightning crashed again.
"How are you doing that?"
"With this lightning generator button right here, i press it whenever i say 'THE BLONG'" lightning could be heard once more.
"Well what is it, what is a blong?"

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a bed time story as written by me


Tell me a story

52 minutes ago
Todd Gage
there once was a woman who lived in a shoe
you could ask her where she was from
she would respond kalamazoooooo

52 minutes ago
Todd Gage
but i digress
so there was a woman who lived in said shoe and that said shoe was in kalimazoo
and she had a problem most southern families do
and that problem is her family grew and grew
so that woman who lived in a shoe.... out in the sticks of kalamazooooooooo whos family grew and grew went to parents and said WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?!?!?!?

49 minutes ago

48 minutes ago
Todd Gage
so the parents of the woman who lived in a shoe all the way in the sticks of east kalamazooo whos family grew and grew told there daughters youngest daughter
whats her name?
oh yea lil peggy sue

47 minutes ago

46 minutes ago
Todd Gage
gimme a min gotta come up w some more stuff
this is all off the top by the way
so where was i ?
oh yes peggy sue
it was her addiction to glue
(hld on gotta look up spelling of a word)
that made her promiscuous and untrue and thats why the family grew and grew
she said grandma grandpop thats absurd
can i tell you what i heard? little peggy sue that youngest daughter of the woman who lived in a shoe all the way out in east bumble fuck kalamazoo
(i hope your entertained lol)
(cause this is hard to keep up with new ideas with)
(but i'ma try and keep going)

41 minutes ago
I looooove it

41 minutes ago
Todd Gage
so sue spun a tale of her brother billy who she said was banging his gf lilly
the grand parents looked in amazement.... the secret was out now little p sue could not contain it
she looked at her grand parents and said
shocker aint it?

39 minutes ago
Lol that lying whore

38 minutes ago
Todd Gage
(gotta make more stuff up hld on
and every time i say this i am taking hits of weed lol
i'm so posting this on a blong
a blong is sorta like a blog bong
where you smoke articles of knowledge into your memory
but anyway i digress

37 minutes ago

36 minutes ago
Todd Gage
so lil peggy sue youngest daughter of the woman who lived out in the really ratty shoe in the sticks of who gives a fuck kalamazoo spun a tale about her brother billy (nick name boo) and his gf lilly too
the grandparents were off to confront billy in his room
the arrived to a site to behold when they opened that door
they came in just as they heard YOU TAKE IT WHORE
the grandparents were shocked to the core
boo on the floor
broom handle in his bum and lilly on his sack
grandma had a hard attack

33 minutes ago
Lol hahaha
Fucking great

33 minutes ago
Todd Gage
u got it though
i really hope you are enjoying this
i digress again

31 minutes ago
I am lol

31 minutes ago
You gotta save this story

31 minutes ago
Todd Gage
i'ma copy and paste this conversation to a blog i contribute to
i never write articles i just post videos
i think they will ban me from writing after this lol

30 minutes ago
Lol noooo
Is that how it ends?

29 minutes ago
Todd Gage
i gotta thnk of more stuff
this is not easy

28 minutes ago

28 minutes ago
Todd Gage
said the man from winpeasy
but thats another story
so grandma dropped dead to the floor when she found out boo her grandson was some homo whore and grandpa didnt know what to say

25 minutes ago

25 minutes ago
Todd Gage
but atleast we found out little peggy sue the youngest daughter that lived with her mother in the shitty motel 8 of shoes in east oh who cares by now kalamazoo was a lying little whore
so what does he do? but re approach peggy sue
he said look here little peggy sue YOU TOLD USE LIES ABOUT THAT QUEER BOO..... and coincidently LILLY TOO! AND YOU KILLED YOUR GRANDMOTHER (nick name puu) TOO!
she said I DIDNT LIE
she said with a shit eating grin
(this is the best childrens book EVER by the way lol)

21 minutes ago
Lol it is!!
Please post this as a note on fb

21 minutes ago
Todd Gage
oh no is this the end?
NO LIL PEGGY SUE exclaimed
she arose to her feet
she had another story tell
for sure this time she is going to hell

17 minutes ago

14 minutes ago
Todd Gage
for she told her grandpa that it was not little peggy sue that lived in this raggedy torn up shoe in.... oh fuck the rhyming you know this bitch lives in kalamazoo some where in east fucken shitty no where kalamazoo.... ever heard of it? I THINK NOT cause thats how shitty and no where bound this place is you couldnt find it if you tried.... anyway..... whos mothers family grew and grew to big for this shoe in kalamazoo it was actually her mothers doing

14 minutes ago
Todd Gage
doing of uncle pete
now in most places this is frowned upon
but not there in kalamazoo
not there in that there shoe

14 minutes ago

13 minutes ago
Todd Gage
crazy but legal in kalamazoo

13 minutes ago
Lol was it true

13 minutes ago
Todd Gage
mhm true is true its only gunna get weirder down there in kalamazoo

12 minutes ago
Oo man what a zoo

12 minutes ago
Todd Gage
so when grandpa heard lil peggy sue's story about her mother who lived in said shoe in the ass backwards town we have named kalamazoo
he went to confront her too
but he was reminded of when he busted in on boo
and so he decided to take this one slowly
and cautiously too
when grandpa approached the door
all he heard was bahhhhhh and meeeps
and to his suprise when he opens the door
theres uncle pete drunkenly fucking sheeps on the floor
(btw if you havent noticed NONE of them fuck in the bed)
(cant really rhyme bed w much lol)
uncle pete jumps in his cousins bed
and his father (the grandpa) said YOUR FUCKEN SICK IN THE HEAD
and at that moment the sheep got offended and kicked him in the head
and there lay grandpa

7 minutes ago
Todd Gage
bleeding and dead
(idk if i can keep going w this i'm running out of stuff to say)
i think i've given you quite the story
but i can still finish it out

5 minutes ago
Lol finish it out!!

5 minutes ago
Todd Gage
so the mother of little peggy sue
the woman who lived in a shoe
in that really shitty town i described called east bumble fuck no where, where beastiality, incest, sodomy and other things happen too kalamazoo
appraoched little peggy sue
and said WHAT DID YOU DO?!
at this point you should realize the mothers nickname is mooh
and little peggy sue told her about her grandpa and gramdma complaining about how the family grew and grew
so i killed them because i knew
i knew grandma pu was fucking billy boo
and grandpa kept fucking you
problem solved
good night momma moo said little peggy sue "maybe one day i will make it out on broadway and get out of this shoe in kalamazoo where all this crazy shit wouldnt happen too"

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Single Life (another blog written as i battle to keep my eyes open)

Ok before reading further i must say that I have never had a girlfriend, ever.

Ahh the single life. Yep I get to spend my doe however i want, chill with whoever I want, and do whatever I want. Yea theyres been quite a drought in the south (if you know what i mean), but fuck it, thats one thing I do not have.

ok so the last time there was any humidity at all in the south was November (you prolly dont get that)... This chick was really cute and her being my first ever (yep) made me fall in love instantaneously (I still think today the fact I fell in love cause i was getting sex was the reason that shit fell apart). We "dated" but we werent gf/bf (whatever the fuck that means).

my possee... well, not really all that good looking, but hell I have fun with the ugly bastards (love you guys)...

there are times i do wish i had someone to hold, kiss and pleasure but... whatever i guess...

anyway, what I do say about women is true. I really do find the most thrill in taking them out and just talking to them. I do love taking their stressfull days and getting rid of them by giving the girl a nice massage. Yes, I am a gentleman (no this is not an act)

I love this freedom tho...

Idk, whatever yo

Changes (a 6am blog about whats on my mind)

Today I showed up into work pretty upset about some stuff... For those of you who know me, my life in my town isnt really that great (the reasons why is a whole other blog post lol) but the thing that was bothering me at work was the fact that someone new, not even a week old, thinks they can come in and spread shit about me. Now back in the day, this would be a confrontation and the release of the ever so frightening "Pradosaurus Rex" (basically people say when i get angry, im loud and destructive lol), but since last summer, ive taken a new approaches to everything. so I decided, when i heard this news about this blabbering pest prior to this work day, that im gonna pull something new, which is going into work and ignoring her but being happy around everyone else. Now it was working i guess but its not really my style so idk how effective it was. I learned i prefer the whole "Pradosaurus Rex" routine. after like 30 mins i dropped the pissyness and got on with my work day

After work as my friend and I are leaving to go to chill, a car came, crashed into the parking lot and some kid got ejected from the car and slammed into a parked car... I was so sure he was dead. I have never seen someone die so i went into a daze (it is currently 6 am and i have no intention of sleeping). the driver was unharmed, but the fucking scumbag deserves hell for killing one of his friends and hospitalizing 4 of his other friends that were also in the car. Anyway, as the cops, EMTs and FD were doing theyre thing, I snapped out of my daze and came to a realization

Look, people suck... period, theyres no changing that. Being upset about some fucker talking shit is nothing. Those kids in the car, especially the dead one, do you really think it matters to them what people say about them, what rumors about them are currently going around, or even what girls they can and cannot get? hell no. they care about what just happened and what happens next. Right now i dont have anything positive or negative going on so i guess thats why i care about what the noob has to say but im gonna start looking at things a different way. What shit is so important that I have to cry about it? would it still matter if im hospitalized or fatally injured? will it effect my long term future (lets face it... the short term future is pointless to worry about)? If the answer is no then why the fuck am i gonna cry about it at all? Fuck the noob and its bullshit. block out the bullshit and act toward them like you didnt hear shit because hell yes i do know when its time for Pradosaurus Rex to get unleashed, but now I know when to keep him in his cage

Idk if ill ever be the same as I was before last summer... Im forever scarred by what happened to me. Each day i promise to try and build up to something new, hopefully wiser and stronger than i was. It takes thinks like what happened tonight, noobs talking shit, and people who like you to make you realize who you wanna be.

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Sex Cigs and Up and Coming Artists

Peruso 64- No feelings

No Feelings by Peruso 64