Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire's Are Illegal In the Suburbs

::Sleigh Bells Ring:: Are You Listening?
"haha i do! i found it refreshingly honest. At first, i was skeptical, but i really like it! please, write a piece on holidays with your family. I need some humor. haha"

Kate, this one's for you.

Whats your favorite part of the holidays: Time with friends? Family? Presents? Or the opportunity to do nothing? My favorite part of the holidays is the food. Thanksgiving and Christmas without fail, encourage my family to cook the old fan favorites: Lasagna, Mac and Cheese, Ham with the pineapples and chives. Delicious.
So the Giants have clenched the wild card, for the NFC. Which means that the men in my family should be particularly happy this X-mas. (Why does X-mas mean Christmas anyone know? Don't say its faster either durdurduf). Christmas for some is just the one month marker of the Super Bowl, and I can't hate on that. However, Some people love this season. It's the most wonderful time of the year...Those people like celebrate the holidays joyously they wanna see movies, they wanna go bowling, they wanna go shopping. They drive some of us mad but we can learn from them. In the holiday spirit I went to see The Golden Compass, and it wasn't worth more mention than this sentence. I didn't get to see This Christmas with Chris Brown but I'm sure I'll like it if young Chris is twirling and la la la-ing along like he does.
One thing I hate about the holidays is the shopping. Don't get me wrong I like giving the gifts, but the going and getting the gifts I could do without. The packs of raving maniacs in the parking lot, the wild unorganized department aisles, and the crowded mall halls I could do without. I don't mind bumping into the occasional "random". You know the one person you bump into that you "haven't seen in forever," you know one of those people that you "have to catch up with sometime" but never do. I'm cool with that. But the housewife battle royal over the last guitar hero slip cover is a little ridiculous to me.
Some people don't understand this holiday at all. No understanding of the nativity, no understanding of who St. Nicholas is, and No understanding of giving. But that doesn't bother me too much. I mean not everyone knows the words to the national anthem, and the Mariah Carey "ahhehhaah" the syllables version don't count either.
But the holidays are about giving. Which means there will be some receiving, but giving is what is most important. Giving makes you apart of someone's life. Giving (wholeheartedly) takes you out of your self and into the moment, and for anyone who has every tried to be in a moment, to truly live in the present knows its not easy. Alicia Keys said it, Don't ever forget the present is a gift.

I awake to teen feet on my chest, on my bed, on my chest, on my bed. "Shayna, stop."I say as I realize that Stacey Dash was never really here. "It's Christmas!". I know. 14 year olds are still excited about it. I stayed up til 3 am washing and waxing floors, so they can be demolished by the stampede of guests. We make our way downstairs. Daddy is singing rum pa pum pum, off key, loudly. Mommy is glowing because the house is beautiful and its all her creation. The tree is green and bright, with a host of presents underneath. I'm on the eve of my 21rst, which means that I'm getting 75% less presents, and 65% more responsibility. I dive under the tree anyway. It takes approx. 20 secs to destroy a 10 min wrapping job. Shayna is doing cartwheels, over her boots. Some designer I can't pronounce. The cartwheels continue as more paper falls to the floor. Daddy and Mommy open up theirs. They exchange smiles and laughs. Daddy makes several jokes that would make my cousin say " I don't know about y'all, but he's a little dead ass" If he was here. I go back to sleep on the couch until my older brothers come in. Everyone is dressed in new gifts. Kai comes in with the baby: It's his first real x mas.

Naughty or Nice
"Santa baby... think of all the fellas that I haven't kissed"

Holiday times people wanna find a person to cuddle up with. Doesn't it seem like everyone goes into hiding. We see less of people because no one is going outside, and couples usually stick together;They prepare for the valentines day declarations and such, while the singles take their hunt for a mate in-doors. Good Luck Hunting

My question is: Have you been naughty or nice this year?

As Always its ya boy Magic aka Young Santa aka The Mad Blogger aka whats with all the aka's

Be Safe Merry Christmas! God Bless

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