Monday, December 31, 2007

If You Knew Where Time Went Would You Follow?

Strings play faintly at first. They slowly start to pick up, as the faint reverb of symbols crashing becomes audible. ::Listen:: I feel like violins today. Ever feel like violins?

Where Does The Time Go?
For me 07 was one of the most eye opening experiences of my life. I've been learning a lot about myself. I had a taste of many stews, and walked in many shoes, looked into the mirror and the vision got clearer. I had some heartbreak, some depression, some triumph, some elation, some awkward moments, some comfortable moments. It just seems that the days move faster now that I'm more aware. Where will '07 go after tonight? Will it live in the history books amongst other famed years. Will it live on in our hearts, as the year we fell in love or out of love, as the year we fought, lost, won, fell, stood. My motto has been today is the day. Something powerful happens everyday, I think too often we wait to feel the effects of a powerful day instead of causing it. A good friend is depressed and has become bad company. You're having a small gathering: Do you invite the friend? You've always been attracted to your best friend's lover. They break up: Do you ask your friend's ex lover on a date? You're country has declared war, and you don't believe in it.There is a draft: Do you fight? ...............................These are the times of our lives. These are the causes. Hell don't tell me your answers but 08 will not be a year of I don't know. 08 will not be a year of I'm not sure.
Oh FYI People Magazine have an interesting issue out this week about people who have passed away that was pretty interesting.
Help For HannaH
I heard wind of 15 yr old pop phenom Mylie Cyrus', star of Hannah Montana, "scandalous" internet photos over the radio the other day. Why? One I don't care. Two I don't care. Three she's a teenage girl at a sleep over. It's shit like this that makes me fucking hate the media. Then on the same breeze I hear her getting shit from some douche-bagel, high-voiced, radio announcing prick for saying that "It was an attack from Satan". I can understand if a person has no religious convictions or spiritual ties, but bashing kids when they're trying to be moral doesn't make you cool buddy. I mean Lindsay Lohan is in and out of rehab, Nicole Richie is the size of my broom, Jamie-Lynn Spears is Prego-sauce, come on give this chick a break. Do we need another bad role model for a young tween bopped siblings?
So my new year's resolutions are to 1. remain focused, 2. be a better listener, 3. learn to take a joke better, 4. and to be more humble.
what are yours?
As always its ya boy Narth Mallus The Reginald aka The Incredible aka Young Holmes
Be Safe, Have Fun, Happy New Year God Bless

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