Monday, December 17, 2007

Its The End of the World as We Know It and I Feel Fine

The Pats are undefeated. My Giants are fuckin' up again: damn you Eli! The economy is still in a recession despite what you heard, and my addictions are still in love with me. Who else is going out this friday?

About the Author

"Why Sex Cigs and Caf?" some have asked me. Good question don't you think. I've been thinking, about it too. I mean I thought it was catchy, the shallow answer, but to be honest those are my three biggest vices right now. Although I may talk about sex freely (well I talk about everything freely), I'm not a condoner of random sex. I think sex is wonderful don't get me wrong. Don't we all? But not many people really understand what happens to people during sex. I'm not completely sure I understand. However I know that a lot of people, guys and girls alike, say they can handle no string attachments and cannot. Listen, people will come from miles around to see a man light himself on fire; we're not always sensible, you know? I think a lot of my own grievances with the fairer sex is because of doing "it". I mean my relationships with girls aren't the strongest. Sometimes I just don't understand them. Isn't it interesting how we can all watch the same show and see different things. But as far as sex goes I'm a slave to my passions. Are you?


Now cigarettes started as an accidental thing. "Tipsy?" someone would ask as they'd offer me one, and I'd always say "no". But who hasn't heard that cigarettes relax you? I had, and once upon a time I was offered while really tense. I was intrigued like anyone who has ever opened anyone of Pandora's Boxes. I believe it was Panic At The Disco that said "and you know it feels good with fire back on the tongue." Well I agree, but I'm fighting it. No more Menthol: that's no good.


Caf! Um my good friend Vernon likes to say "eat to live." And i agree. However cafeteria food at TU is not what's up. It runs through you. However I'm addicted to all you can eat buffets. Would I say I have an addictive personality... Maybe. Call it what you may, I'm a slave to my passions. Forgive me for that, or forgive me not, but understand. They say understanding is a wellspring of life to whoever has it, but don't they say too much?

My roommate made a point to note to me, that if I'm going to be talking to people consistently, the least I could do was self-disclose a bit. But this blog isn't about my fads, or about some need for self-assurance. If you've met me you know i'm assured enough. It's about (stay tune next week for Magic's disclosure for why he started a blog!)

Study Abroad?

Temple's Study Abroad program is one of the most impressive in the country. But most major universities and some community colleges offer study abroad programs. Hell, any chance you leave home you're abroad, and any time you "pay" attention you're studying. Going new places, trying new things, meeeting new people, three aspects of staying fresh. When you expose yourself your also leaving a little of you behind. If you're trying to grow, more culture, is good for the soul. Have you ever had a thought about a certain race, ethinicity, culture, or group of people that you found to be completely wrong after you met someone who was apart of it?

As Always its ya boy Narth Mallus aka The Reginald aka Mr. Bon Voyageee aka whats with all the aka's

Be Safe Have Fun God Bless

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