Thursday, December 13, 2007

Spoonfuls of Good Taste

It feels a little too cocky, kind of "hey, I'm SO interesting, check ME out, I can talk about sex and drugs and not studying because i'm COOL"

Has been one way the critics have described it.

"It's kind of showing promise but can he continue to deliver"

says the Pretty Boy South Times

Some critics say "he's just another foul mouthed misguided youth screaming out for attention on the internet."

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The Mitchell Reports
For five or six years the speculation of steroids has been glooming over baseball. And now finally after much speculation the silence has erupted and America's favorite past time is under review. Former Senator George Mitchell from Maine was hired to be the head of the investigation committee. In sum everybody's doing it, Mitchell says. There's not enough substantial information says some sports announcers in the players defense.
But it's more than the drugs, the NBA is having a referee scandal, and the NFL had a video camera scam earlier. It's not that we expect people to be perfect. But everybody is doing it.
The Mitchell Report is a 409 page report, gathered over a couple of years about who and how people were obtaining performance enhancers. Remember Marion Anderson taught us that HGH doesn't always test positive in urine results. Fewer than 50 players talked, but about 80 were named. The report also claims that a player from every team has been discovered to be involved. Mitchell handled himself very well by not commenting on what should be done next. Relative to the news of today, (you know, that war our country is in remember), is this trivial? I'm not sure... But who ever impersonated their favorite athlete in their backyard when they were younger and who had baseball cards as a kid? Who memorized stats of their favorite players? Who saw their high school friends indulging in these drugs and didn't join in? Are they the ones who were "not talented" enough? Bonds...
Clemens ...Petite ...............................................................

......................................................say it ain't so Champ, say it ain't so"

Also Named: Andy Petite David Justice Kevin Brown Chuck Knoblauch, Jason Giambi

  1. What does this say about our society?
  2. Who are our role models if we can't look up to our Entertainers. Politicians. Athletes. Nor CEO's?
  3. What should happen to the players/Hall of Famers?

At a rally for peace, held the first week of December at Temple Universities Bell Tower , I heard someone say that our Generation is known as Generation Q. For being the quiet generation. I mean even now i speak to all my friend in a blog and I feel I may be too loud. Well I may be a young misguided ass, but I care. And I hope that we make our voice known at least to our own communities.

As always its ya boy Magic aka Mr. Good Life aka what's with all the aka's

Be Safe Be Happy Study it's Finals Week and God Bless

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