Thursday, December 13, 2007

Text Me... I'll Text You Back

Lets talk about Text baby
Lets talk about Textin me
Lets talk about all the good things and the bad things
That make T-E-X-T
Lets talk about Text

Bad enough that cell phones have made it possible for anyone to reach you as soon as the thought "Hey, Don't Magic owe me money?" pops across their time. But now they don't even have to call anymore. Text is interesting because its what you're "saying" but you're not saying anything. Its an Instant Message on the go, without all that back and forth. Now, class raise your hand if you text more during class than you take notes. Raise your hand if you received those stupid fwds of Santa farting jingle bells down chimney's or grimlinized babies asking if "you're their daddy"? Not trying to hate but as much as I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE TexT I hate it too.

Some Brief Text Etiquette:

  • Never Just Text Hey or K or LOL or BYE: WTF just cuz you got unlimited doesn't mean the rest of the world does
  • Don't Text To Say You're Going To Be Late 5 Mins Before: It's a phone damnit a phone, give you're friend the courtesy of a call to say you're going to be late
  • When Arguing Send Smileys: Why are you having a text argument? If a disgruntled message needs to be telecommunicated to a friend the least you can do is smiley damage control so that they don't have to be worried all day before you guys meet in person.
Today's Hypothetical: The Finger Diddle
Say Hi to Joey
HIIII Joey! you all say

Joey and Jane (for lack of a better name) are "not dating" you know: talking. They've been not dating for about a month or two. Flirty text messages (Hey sexy lady) and lots of attention when together. One fabulous night of drinks, and less thinks, as I like to call it leads Joey and Jane into bed together. They kiss like a movie scene and touch like the world is ending, and they're not quite jc chavez with it you know n-sync. Joey's hands go down and he starts to play a little guitar; acoustic, and obviously "he's played this song before". Jane hums along. But does the finger diddle mean pass go and collect S200?
Now of course we all know the standard college answer: It depends, right. Save that bull for someone without a nose. As for me I got a large snoz and would like to know how you feel.

As always its ya Boy D aka M to the iz A aka what's with all these aka's signing out

Be Safe Be Happy and God Bless

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