Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"Walk of Shame" "Stride of Pride" "Midnight Creeps"

It's 11:00 pm do you
If they're at college I do, they're either:

a) Drinking
b) Tupping=Horizontal Tango=Hood Strokin=Having Relations=Beating=foot to shoulders
c) Studying = Watching Television
d) wishing/complaining/talking about doing one of the above

Pick a letter any letter, but don't say I didn't warn you. Welcome to hell where you are welcome to sell, is the hidden mantra of many a universities' student culture. At home you're a nobody. At school you can be whatever you want to be. Some kids stay true to self, others seek self in everything thats not true. Go fig. Or light cigs. Or listen to Soulja Boy tell'm and punch that crank that, and sometimes find time to get to class.

  1. What is a walk a shame: a walk a shame as we all know is that morning after a night of wild seexxxiinneeesss or plain ol lame mistaken drunkeness, when you walk home. Its generally at an early morning time when you're very clearly sporting last nights outfit with a bad night of sleeps do. Ladies, how often do you walk of shame?
  2. Stride of Pride: a stride of pride is quite different, it occurs around the same time of morning, maybe even mid afternoon. For anyone who knows your daily routines it would be obvious you're not coming from home, or your heading home before class starts, however you look fresh and revived, and are sporting a combo outfit of the "in case i spend the night" garb, which you either keep stashed at your trysts place, or carried with you the night before. The do is impromptu but is overpowered by the smile of having enjoyed the night.
  3. Midnight Creep: a midnight creep is a walk of shame in the middle of the night. The event was fun, or lacking. All is said and done, even if some slacking. Now its time for everyone, to start packing, and be on... our...waaaaaaaay. Fellas, how often do you midnight creep?
I have no research data, so I'm posing a question to the readers which is better, or which do you prefer:

Midnight Creep or Walk of Shame?

As always its your boy Magic aka Narth Mallus the Reginald aka Nobody Does it Better aka what's with all the aka's?

Be Safe Have Fun God Bless

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CBS said...

I don't think there's any shame in a walk of shame unless you make it so...I've done the "walk of shame" many times freshman year when I had an older bf who lived off campus. It's not shameful unless you feel badly about what you did the night before. I never do. So I guess I'm saying I've only had a million walks of pride? :)