Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Charging passed the Pats

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Introducing new writer on the SexCigsandCaf team, specializing in sports and career focus in football, the straightforward no nonsense Brooklyn native himself L.J. In his first peice :

Why the Chargers Have a Chance In Pulling the Upset of the Century.

Last week showed that the Chargers have what it takes even with injuries, even to star players; quaterback going down, running back going down, a tight end with a dislocated BiG tOe. Everyone thought that the Colts were going to run over the Chargers. The Chargers defense has been viewed as soso, and not as productive as last season when they went 14-2. But that was when everyone was saying the coach, and both the defense and the offense were not proven. Rivers needs to play better, true. Not trying to play him, but he's the reason why pro bowl tight end, Antonio Gates, is hurt. It look like an out route to the corner, thrown behind Gates which made him fall to catch the ball, and before he could get up he got cracked, aaaannddd his foot was caught in the turf. But on the other hand even with Ladanian Tomlinson having a bad game and going down early, Philip Rivers led his team to 3 touchdowns before leaving last weeks game. But we have reserves that can come in and generate points. Isn't that what the games about: points? Yes the Chargers only won by four but, Ladanian Tomlinson the NFL leading rusher gets hurt in the second quater, and then Phillip Rivers the starting quaterback gets hurt in the last play of the 3rd quarter on a screen pass. Than Billy Volek comes in after the Colts score, and drives 3/4 for a touchdown on a QB sneak that started on the Chargers own 22 yardline. He's been in the game for a while, but I'm pretty sure that was his first post season touchdown. Volek's drive was assisted by Michael Turner, everyone's heard about him, he's been Ladanian's back up, but no ones seen him do much in the playoffs before. He did pretty good though, although the Colts may not have a "higher" run defense than the Patriots, they do have some aging veterans. We seen the Patriots have trouble stopping the run game: They let Willie Parker rush for over a 100yds, and they let Willis McGahee run rush for over a 100yrds. I feel if Ladanian is at least 85%, they have a good chance of running the Patriots tired. With Ladanian Tomlinson rushing for over a 100 yrds in the last 4 of the last 5 games of the regular season, we would hope he'd bring that style of play to the AFC Championship.

The defense can not do what Jacksonville did. Jacksonsville rushed the front four and didn't blitz. If you give Tom Brady too much time he'll pick you apart. But the chargers are going to blitz. They have to get to Tom Brady if they want any chance of winning this game. He has too many weapons to throw too, they are hard to cover, and they're good at breaking the game open. The defense needs to be aggressive like they were in the beginning of the season. They need to play the biggest game of their season right now, so they can have a chance to be in SuperBowl XLII against the Packers/Giants. The Chargers have been trying to get here since '94. I think there defense realizes that its never a guarantee to get back here. They need to seize this opportunity and run with it. Rivers is showing progress, so if the offense is at least 85% productive, they have a chance. They've lost twice to the Patriots, once after spygate 38-14 back when people were saying that the Chargers were one of the top teams in the NFL and possible SuperBowl contenders. After that loss they went 1-3, and then turned their season around to win the AFC west, and enroute they beat the Tennesee Titans, a team riddled with injuries, and the Colts- the defending superbowl champions. But I'm not saying that the Patriots are going to roll over easy. They went 16-0 in the regular season, and I highly doubt they've gone this far to not go 19-0.

Run, Darren Run !
Two moves to the outside and he's gone. Little Darren Sproles took a screen pass 56 yards to the house to help the Chargers to get to the AFC Champsion game. I dont think a lot of people heard of him outside of the San Deigo area. Lets hope he produce something of the sort for two more games.
The Chargers have another shot at the Patriots, after being embarrased the last two times they played. I think that's real good motivation. But they also believe in themseles. With their star players questionable for this game they will need their backups to produce more than last game to fill the void and make history. So will see if they have what it takes to make it to Arizona for SuperBowl XLII.
I hope the time you took to read this you enjoyed and learned something about football, and if you're a Pat's hater join the club lol.
- L.J.

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