Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Love Love Love Love Love Love Love

What's Love Got To Do With It?

I think it was Ashlee Simpson who said "L. O. L. O. L. O L.O.V.E"

Love: we see it as an underlying theme in almost everything. In movies it's ridiculous sometimes, isn't it? We see it when our friends leave us for someone we know is no good for them. We all had that friend that we could always count on to be at our sides, then suddenly can never be found, because they're always at a movie...about love, with some guy/girl. Then there is the friend that throws their love at you. "Oh my God Joey is so perfect. Oh my God Joey and I did this together. Oh my God you won't believe what Joey got me, said to me." Joey this, Joey that. It's probably the same friend that claims you're jealous when you tell them STFU. We see love in television shows. We read about it in novels. We listen to our favorite artists like Ne-Yo croon about how he's so sick of people crooning about it. Strumming our pain with their fingers, singer our lives with their words. But most importantly of all we seek it. Well, some of us seek it. Love conquers all. Love is all we need. But where is the love?
Have you ever been in love?
If so how do you know?
My good friend Funnie once told me that he "hates to hate on love". I agree, but then he told me this:

I know this girl. She's mad naive. I mean, maaaaad naive. She's the kind of girl who had one boyfriend since she was in 8th grade. Well this girl [Jane] (lets not put anyone on blast) swore she was in love. That she would get married to this guy, and that they would live happily ever after on a dairy farm or something you know? And then around sophomore year of college they broke up. She was heart broken for a little while, crying all the time. Than she got a new boyfriend. It's been about 6 months since and all I hear now is "I love him, I love him, I love him, I love him, I love him" She writes it in her AIM profiles, puts it in her away messages. She even puts it in her quotes on facebook. She probably has it as part of her answering machine. C'mon man she's not in love.
Now I know this is hearsay, but hypothetically, if Funnie's account is correct than, do you believe this young lady is in love?

I don't know. Some people don't know what love is. They pass it up when its offered, and they claim they've found it when really all they have is OK sex and a bad friendship. Help me out here though. Because we are the children of the Generation D: you know, "Generation Divorce". Chances are your parents have had a divorce. I mean everyone who's anyone in Hollywood puts a pre-nup in their marriage vows these days. I have friends who are already planning the transition from wife one to wife two; aiming for high salaries just so they can handle alimony. Is love all we need? I leave you with these very inspiring lyrics from the '05 smash hit Hey Ya by outkast with some fun interpretation from yours truly. Don't just pass these lyrics up though, feel andre 3o0o on this for a second.

My baby don't mess around, because she loves me so, and this I know fo' sho
(My girlfriend/wife won't cheat on me because she loves me, I'm positive)
But does she really wanna, but can't stand to see me walk out the door...
(Or is she frontin' because she knows I'll leave her ass if she cheats on me)
Don't try to fight the feeling cuz the thought alone is killing me ri now
(thinking about this sh*t has got me ready to wild out: suspicion)
Thank God for mom and dad for stickin thru together cuz we don't know how
(I think that's self explanatory, but moms and dads haven't been sticking together eh)

Will you get married? Will you get divorced? I hope you make it.

As always its ya boy Tablespoon aka Magic City aka what's with all the aka's
Be Safe Have Fun God Bless

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