Friday, February 22, 2008

I've Only Known You For One Song I'm Not Gonna Kiss You

↑Sex ╤ Ç igs & Cäf↑
(Today's Post Inspired By: Nick T, Kenny B, Kevin T, and Man Man)

"Please, Don't Stop The Music"
It's getting late. You're making your way over to your favourite place. You plan on getting your body moving, you know, to take the stress away. Were'nt really looking for anybody until some guy looks your way: possible candidate? Do they know what they started, you just came there to party and now you're all up on the dance floor...acting naughty.

Narrative: Its a hot and bothered night. You're tearing up the dance floor. If you're 21 you're probably drunk. If you're under 21 you're probably drunk. The D.J. is doing his thing tonight, and you're feeling it. Bustin out moves you didn't know you had. You look around and the atmosphere looks like a Sean Paul video. Grindin, Sweatin', Touchin'. You're dance partner is attractive, but is a copmlete stranger. You're dancin face to face and they're staring into you're eyes intensely. Then it happens-they start looking at your lips, biting and licking their own and BAM! this stranger tries to kiss you! And not a friendly peck, lip lock, but a full tongue, sloppy hand behind the back of the head slobba-fet. Sound familiar?

Question? ...How long do you have to know someone before its ok to make out?
Are you a one song lip locker?

Terms: "Frat Rat" One who spends all their time hopping from fraternal organization to fraternal organization (or any large numbered group of friends at a central setting) sexing around frivilously and not substantially investing any positive energy into those organizations...a specific kinda hoe? I'd never wanna lable a lady that, but this isn't about a lady.

My Body all over your Body Body
What is it with people and their dance floor shannanigans? Dancing=communication, no? Well what are we saying over Dream's "Falsetto" and Snoops "Sexual Seduction" ? Well, duh, that question has two obvious answers one of them being "it depends", the other I won't say. What I find consistent is though sometimes we know what we wanna say others can't hear that. You think she thinks you're cute and she thinks you're a creeper. All the while you're winking to your friends like she's the one tonight. Or ladies, you may think he's saying you're a 10, but he's annoyed and suffering you're voice because he's lusting for your body. Too honest? It's rather funny to observe. Even funnier is when we don't realize that we're the one sending the mixed signals. Don't forget people can always see your face. Do you send mixed signals? As for me, Nope! As in I've only known you for 3 songs i'm not making out with you. Fall back. You stop that shit. Nope. That's how you get mono. Some people are crazy and if they want to hit first base in public before the first date more power to them, but i'm not pitching.

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