Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Power of the Mouth

Who was St. Valentine, and did he really like Chocolate?
As Jerry Seinfeld would say, "Valentine's Day, What's up with that?" What kind of hallmark, chocolate sellign scam, so sick of love song radio hating, crap is that? O.K. We all know that on this day you either, sit in the corner and cry, or you stand on the rooftops screaming your undying love, pushing everyone who is sitting in the corner closer to killing themselves. Stop that shit. You can display your love without a parade cant ya? CAN'T YA! Where are all my single ladies at? (This is the part of the song where I ask if I can get a "Hell yea") Ladies lend me some sugar I am your neighbor. Question to the ladies: What is the cheesiest part of Valentines day? What is the best part? Question to the fellas: How much doe is to far to go to satisfy your...girl. Some people I know like to break up right before Valentine's day and then get back together. Stop being so cheap. Some people I know like to break up on Valentines day. Stop being so damn evil lol. Valentines Day can be an ordinary day though, so don't feel like its the end of the world please, because ya know there's always next year.
Well as for now I'm gonna hear the saddest songs
And sit alone and wonder...
How you're making out.
And as for me I wish that I was anywhere,
with anyone...Making out
-Dashboard Confessional

Power of the Mouth
Ever say to yourself "I just want to make out with someone?" If you answered no you're lying. Its not so much a sexual release as it is a physical contact of intimacy. Do you enjoy kissing? One, how often do we touch each other. We try to avoid being touched as we walk through crowded hallways, and treck through crowded buses and train. We let it go during sports because we all know sometimes that happens. However when you think about it we don't allow ourselves to be touched too often. People who like to touch you are often called "touchy" or "clingy" or even "gay". But when you need to be touched, you can tell. Two, how often do we touch intimately. Once you've finally found someone that is worth touching, you have to get it in there and touch a bit. But how awkward is it when you're like giving a back rub, and you want it to be "more than a back rub" but whoever is just like thanks after and damn near walks away? Ouch. However your story goes, we all know that intimacy is important. Lips come in so many shapes and sizes. You got the fat juicy's, and the thin tight ones. How about for a valentines day present you take some of Magic Advice: Kiss. Kiss all over. Kiss all under. Kiss everything and everywhere and anywhere (stop that shit). And don't just smooch man, lick a little, not like a dog, like a person. bite a little, not like a maniac, or Rich (inside joke) but like a person with need. Suck a little, not to leave nasty glurple looking marks, but for the sensation. Whoa there, this is still a family blog. If you don't feel me, hey, your loss. If you do feel me Holla!

Once again its you're boy Narth Mallus the Reginald aka M-easy aka Mr No He Didn't
Have Fun Stay Safe God Bless

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