Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Boobs....really remarkable things

So the thing is i think boobs can be a metaphor for life. Sometimes they swell and feel like crap nd are really sore and sensitive and you would much rather just chop them off but sometimes you look down and say damn....i got some pretty titties......sorry for the randomness i just had to share. It's my birthday and obviously I'm wearing something low cut and they just look wonderful...and i felt i should celebrate them too.

I think if people took time to appreciate the little things they love about themselves overall people would be so much happier. White girls stop wishing you were tan...porcelain skin is beautiful, freckles give you a sweet character, and fake tans make you look like don't have the chemicals needed to ever truly be brown and wishing you were is silly.

Black women, i know the girls in the video make a hard standard to live up to but keep in mind the girls in the videos are mostly the same crop of women over and over and over again there aren't really that many women regardless of color with 28inch waists and 50inch hips...seriously i promise most of us are what society would call average but we aren't at all average. Every woman has beauty inside her and even if you think you'll never be good enough I guarantee you're just judging yourself too harshly against standards that don't really exist. Of course models and actors and actresses are gorgeous, they get paid to be. If your entire income rested on how you looked you would have the money and the time to hire the personal macrobiotic chef, you would deal with eating carrot sticks and lettuce, you would be at the gym or have your personal trainer over for 2 hours EVERYDAY trust me if we all had that on top of make up artists stylists and hair technicians(what they do is so intense they are called technicians!) and the beauty of airbrushing and lighting we would all be gorgeous and skinny and models...

The world today, especially our society, is so concerned with tearing people down that sometimes we forget to build ourselves and those around us up. I believe everyone guy or girl black white wutever we all are beautiful people and the minute we start seeing that beauty in ourselves is the minute we can take back what is rightfully ours....our self esteem!

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Narth Mallus the Reginald said...

There is so much substance in this post but i'm gonna comment on the last paragraph... you start: the world today is filled with so many people trying to tear each other down! I hate that about our society. People are filled with that countenance that feeds off of others misery, and it sucks. The beauty in ourselves can't be seen in the mirror, it can't be seen in the club lol! Our self-esteem, where is our self-esteem, we see all these products on t.v. to make us look better, or feel like we're trying to look better, and it sucks. A zit is natural, a blemish isn't the end of the world where is our esteem?