Saturday, March 22, 2008

First Black Governor of New York

When One Door Closes

After seeing the images of the beautiful brunette bombshell, that former Governor Spitzer lost his job to stick it to, a man can somewhat understand. Young, Busty, Curvaceous, all you can want in a meaningless tryst. A prostitute is a euphemism , no different than calling a used car a certified pre-owned vehicle. But what is prostitute a euphemism for? A fantasy fulfiller. Who am I to judge the internal family life of anyone, public official or not. I feel about this the way I did at 13 as I watch "society" put my President on trial for similar misconduct. Oh, its different he didn't pay. However the family...oh no, don't go back to this cultural talk on family... A person's family life should be private, and personal. That's it. Whether or not the examples of a persons interaction with their family can be used to check integrity is irrelevant. When a family is destroyed it affects the whole community. BREAKING NEWS!!! THIS JUST IN!!!! Did anyone see the new South Park episode about Brittany Spears suicide? Its humor is lacking, but its insight to our culture is. She attempts to take her life because she can't deal with the over-exposure. The towns people of South Park confess to Cartman, Stan, Kenny, and Kyle that they don't want Brittany to die, but need her too, and relate the dynamic back to ancient sacrificial ceremonies. You know like in, Apocalypto. A ceremony where the people would select the prettiest girl, decorate and worship her, than kill her and offer her as a sacrifice to a mythical beast. Well to what beast do we offer our sacrifices today?

Another Door Opens

However out of this end we have a new beginning for New York. The first black Governor of New York. David Patterson will be the first legally blind Governor, as well as the first black Governor. This is a huge post mark in the progression of cultural and racial unity. Our generation is creating a society that will someday soon be able to honestly say " our actions reflect our belief that all men, and women are created equal"

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