Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Global Initiative

Hi All,

Sorry for the lapse in blog entries but your young man "Narth Mallus" has been a very busy camper. I have recently returned from the Clinton Global Initiative University in New Orleans, and boy do I have a story to tell. Clinton Global Initiative is an endeavor by former President of the United States William J. Clinton, and the Clinton Foundation, to empower college students to take action in their communities. The pretense was simple and powerful: never before has a generation had more ability to affect the public than ours. We went to workshops surrounding four major issues: Global Health, Energy and Climate, Poverty Alleviation, and Human Rights and Peace. Each student who attended upon acceptance to CGI U was asked to make a commitment to action in their community.

Three things stick out from my trip to the "Big Easy":

1. I had an interesting convo with a young lady cab driver. She described the current state of N.O. as a better worst condition. Katrina hit them hard y'all, but they are striving to recover. New Orleans is one of the most unique cities in the United States. It's history stretches back passed the Napoleonic empire, boasting heavy influence of both French and Spanish architecture. We drove from the downtown area to Tulane university and she gave us the "hood" tour, showing us the hip-hop famed Magnolia projects (home of CashMoney).

2. I met an old man from Pennsylvania who's honesty was only superceded by his drunkeness. We chatted away about college basketball, life after 50, and politics. He was concerned if I thought white people invented AIDs to kill black people. After I assured him that Temple had indeed won the A10 (big ups) and I didn't think that white people created AIDs to kill me, we had a marvelous time. It seems that Barack Obama's popularity is spilling into the white republican base and this nonsense about his reverends beliefs are a clear political attack designed to tamper with his popularity. It was so funny to hear this old man tell it though, because he was so passionate. If only he didn't wreak of bourbon street.

3. The airport. I've been blessed with the opportunity to fly a bunch this year. Airports and planes are two magnificent parts of our lives. In the sky I saw the clouds, like balls of cotton candy. Like fluffs of pillow fillings. Rolling over each other, filled with the brightest whites, the deepest blues, and awe inspiring shadow effect from the sun's rays. It really make one marvel at the creation, at the world. From 10,000 above, the world is so much simpler, cars look like toys, and the earth looks quilted together, it really makes you self-reflect. But at the airport I witness an interesting interaction. A cute little blond boy sat next to his mom and dad at gate B5 in New Orleans International. Another little boy, brown haired, walked by with his mommy and daddy. The two young persons immediately noticed each other as young people are known to do and stared at each other in with understanding. We are both tiny people their faces said, we are equals. "You little freak," the boy passing by called out unprovoked. The brown haired boys parents looked a bit shocked. The picked him up and carried him over to the other little boy and made him apologize. I wish more parents did that. Its so interesting to see that spirit of tenacity, that countenance of pleasure some relish when they watch other people in pain, in a little person. Is that given to us? or are we born with that?

As always its ya boy Magic aka The Magic man aka mr post man aka whats with all the akas
Be Safe God Bless Think Some


Ashley said...

Yo...I'm all about savin the really i am i really wana work for a company interested in helping global warming and shit...that stuff is scary as hell. nd old drunk people say mad intelligent shit but nobody listens cuz theyre old nd drunk...BS!

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