Monday, March 31, 2008

Growing up, being young- part deux

Speaking of growing up....

So I was in a car accident the other day. The car was totaled. T-bone, spun around twice at the intersection. Midnight. Coming back from visiting my dad in the hospital. He's fine. We're fine. 3 cars totaled, but nobody used the ambulance.

Honestly, all I wanted was some In & Out fries and milkshake. Shit.

What hurt the most was that when a cop looks at us, we’re just a statistic. Doesn’t matter what our record is like. Doesn’t matter that we have never even got a parking ticket in our lives before. When he looked at us, he had that- you’re young and you were in an accident look. You were at fault. Doesn’t matter what you thought. And then you just feel horrible- like the whole world is out to get you. Because I honestly wasn’t paying attention. My brother would never run a red, but…I seriously wasn’t paying attention. And according to the cop, all the eye witnesses say we did. But who are these witnesses? For all I know he could have just made that up to see what we would say. To bad we’re too god-damn honest. “Honestly cop, I had no idea- I wasn’t paying attention- I just mentioned that I wanted In&Out.”

And what was even more frustrating, I thought I was an adult but…the first thing I thought when all the people were gathered around, staring at the car was…call mom. When the cops look at you, scrutinize you, judge you by the fact that you’re young…call mom. Call mom?! Mom’s not going to be around forever. I can’t live under her protection forever. I thought I was good. I thought I was ready to face the world. But…maybe not. Maybe I still need the training wheels. Damn.

And then the realization that people could have been killed. All we wanted was an In&Out Shake and fries. People could have DiEd. We were rockin out to Smash Mouth. There could have been fatalities man. We were just trying to find places that were still open to get ice cream.

With great power comes great responsibility. And by great power, I think they just mean power steering.

Drive safe



Narth Mallus the Reginald said...

My first car accident:

I was driving my moms huge yukon xl. I'm on a small road at a big intersection. I stop way too late and now I'm all up in the on-coming traffic lane. I check all my mirrors, clear, I back up...CRACK! "What the!" I look back "God, I hope I didn't hit a kid" I didn't. But I did run into some old beat up car from the 80s that can't be seen when behind my moms mega auto-mobile.

Fatalities...yeah there can always be fatalities, and that sucks. But there weren't any, A-dog. Praise the lord.

The First Negus of Kin said...

Car accidents are a huge dose of reality. All those statistics we hear of young drivers never making it home after a late night drive, not to mention those car insurance commercials and their endless scenarios of collision. I fortunately have never been behind the wheel to cause an accident, but I have been in a few and its always a not so friendly reminder that life comes at you hard and instantaneous at times. But to respond to the comment about calling out for help to mom.

I know that we all seek our independence from our parents and in those times of need it can be very frustrating when we recognize the feeling that if I call for help they could answer, but if I do that it just reminds them that I cannot take care of myself. And no one wants to lose any sort of freedom that we obtain, it goes against the life we are brought up to live and fight for as young adults.