Monday, March 24, 2008

My Definition: My Music

I don't know what it is, but every time I listen to music, I can always find a set of lyrics that can somehow contribute to my life. Whether its an upbeat song or a somber one, it can somehow relate to me. I used to listen to music just for the instrumentals. The screech of a guitar or a smooth bass line would always soothe my soul. As I matured and grew in my taste of music, I began to focus on the lyrics. I came to the conclusion that the lyrics defined the song and con also define the person who listens to it.

Chevelle was a band that I really haven't listened to since "Send the Pain Below" came out in 2002. I would listen to them on occasion but nothing that would put them amongst my favorites. Chevelle recently published their new album "Vena Sera" in 2007 which is a great album. Songs such as "Antisaint" and "Brainiac" are great songs which are part of the album. The one song that truly caught my attention was "Straight Jacket Fashion." One line in that song really interested me and made me think for quite a long time. It goes, "'A cold day in hell's' the phrase I used when I never ever meant to change." It makes you think. Have you ever said anything along those lines when you didn't want to give in to a certain issue? I have and that's what makes a song relate to someone. Simple little lines just like that. For example, if Mount St. Mary's were to upset UNC in the NCAA Tournament, I would say that it must be a cold day in hell or its the precursor to Armageddon. I would refuse to say that Mount St. Mary's is the better team because I am not going to change my views on a team which I care so much about. That's how I view certain things.

Led Zeppelin has been a recent favorite of mine. I didn't really start listening to classic rock since my junior year in high school and I don't know what I've been missing. My mom would always tell me that I would hate this music when I was young, but when I got older, I would appreciate it and understand its meanings. She was right. My absolute favorite song by Led Zeppelin is "Achilles Last Stand" which comes off of the album, "Presence." This is eleven minutes of absolute, unbelievable amazing. Every time I listen to this song, I have to listen to it the whole way through. This is one of the songs that I listen for the instrumentals but I began to pay attention to the lyrics. My favorite lyrics are, "It was an April morning when they told us we should go/As I turn to you, you smiled at me/ How could we say no?/With all the fun to have, to live the dreams we always had/ Oh, the songs to sing, when we at last return again." I viewed this as my departure for Philadelphia. It was my time for freedom. I do see myself preaching about my experiences at Temple but who doesn't talk about their college experiences back at home?

Motion City Soundtrack has also been a personal favorite of mine. Their one song really does define my personal life as a whole. I was utterly surprised when I heard those distinct lyrics. "Hangman," which comes off of their album, "Commit this to Memory," is easily ranked in my top five of favorite songs. "I'm just a guy that never tried/ I'm just a stupid fuck with brilliant luck/ and sometimes a bright idea/ so shower me in a chorus of compliments/ and verse I don't deserve/ I might run but I'll never hide" are the lyrics that define my life. I've always been somewhat successful but I've never really considered myself worthy. Lucky is how I would define my success. I've been a recipient of praise when I think I wasn't deserving of it. I never really try at things either. It just so happens that everything just happens to work for the best. I don't know why. I don't hide from these aspects. I accept them as they come to me, but subconsciously, I know I truly don't like how it runs my life. This song still boggles my mind and I think I need to review it over.

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Narth Mallus the Reginald said...

The lyrics and the music are the two main components of a song. Lyrics with no music is poetry, music with no lyrics are instrumentals. I think the lyrics are what speak to us but the music is what sets the mood. The mood is what allows us to have the words really stick to us. I think the way lyrics shape our culture is very profound. It creates common phrases that work as bridges of communication between different social, ethnic, racial, and economic backgrounds. Like those old people who say "bling bling" lol.