Thursday, March 27, 2008

Random Question

So... hear this... or should I say answer these?

1) What would happen if people never stopped growing horizontally? Imagine how much respect adults would get.

2) Sex: Whats your favorite posish?

3) Cigs: What would happen if you took a shottie from a cig?

4) Caf: Is it wrong to put ketchup on my pizza?

I have tons of questions. so be prepared.

~There's no age restrictions on Love~


Narth Mallus the Reginald said...

1. It'd be hard to get into cars...ceilings would have to be higher, and more denim would be needed for jeans.
2. None of your business, sir
3. Your friend would give you a monster hit of tobacco
4. No, put ketchup on whatever you want.

Keep'm coming, I ain't scared of you :-p.

Jordan.Sells.IntroMSA said...

1. We'd be fucked on an odd level. We don't usually think about things like that; it's expected we grow horizontally. We'd have to change mad stuff. It would be good times for construction.

2. Doggie is classic and fun. Reverse cowboy has its moments. But I have to so say side saddle is my fav.

3. I had a friend who did that. It wasn't a good look.

4. I think that's perfectly fine. Do your thing.