Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sex, Murder, and Mayhem

Romance for the Streets

Reality T.V.

So apparently the good people of VH1 have taken it upon themselves to continue to help "Flav" (as he is so affectionately called) with his search for love. They have now given the audience, you know you and I, an opportunity to vote for who would be deserving of Flav's love. Keep in mind Flav's love comes with $50,000. This is the part of this speech where I lose my cool: WTF! seriously, this is nonsense. Lets put a washed up lovable 5'4" black man with cute catch phrases like "yea boi" and "you know what time it is" in a mansion with a horde of semi-attractive women and see what happens. And I don't want to judge the girls who go on his show. I've heard them be referred to as many things. But c'mon, who believes this show is about finding love? If it isn't then what is it really about? Exploitation at its finest. Entertainment at its best. Its a problem.

"don't go thru too much shit
just to get with these: drunken hot girls "
-Kanye West

What are we doing? Selling love in a bottle, sex in a hot tub, and fun in a duffle bag of cash. The love of money is the root of all evil. The love of Flav as the role you have to play for it. Its a problem because we're broadcasting this crap as reality. Its a problem because it is reality, gold diggers, money mongers, penny pinchers, and people willing to commercialize anything that can get them a buck. Its someone's reality, but I don't want it to be apart of my reality. I hate to be on the end the reality t.v. show bandwagon, actually i hate to be on any bandwagon, but I'm on the wagon. Reality t.v. and game shows have kind of blurred lines. Who's to blame: Real World, maybe? Mtv has taken it upon themselves to lead the charge in the progression of this BS. They've successfully turned their reality series into a league rivaling professional sports. Real World is like College Ball. Than you get drafted into the league, or the gauntlet challenges. These challenges are like going pro, reality t.v. pro.

The spinoffs are horrible too: Brett Michaels-Rock of Love, Survivor, Next Top Model, Nerd, Comic Book Character, Animal Hunting, Film Making, Scott Baio is 45 and single, American Idol, Making the Band, Road Rules, Gauntlet, Best Week Ever, Celeb Fit Club, Super Sweet 16, Laguna Beach, Next. We're selling moments of our lives as commodities, but we're selling moments that don't need to be shared. Must we watch Dustin Diamond's tirades about losing weight, and being under appreciated? Come off it, Screech, you sound like a spoiled little rich kid. All of this technology, and new scientific discoveries, but we're getting dumber. We are passionately and aggressively mediocre, but we love it. AnD I dIgReSs.

"I wanna be a 40 yr old virgin, cuz it seems like once you get laid your life turns to shit."
-Becca (Californication)

As always its ya boy the Reginald, aka Magic Man, aka Mr. Magic, aka whats with all the aka's
Be Safe. Learn Something. God Bless.

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