Thursday, March 20, 2008

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Your History is Our Myths

What does it mean to walk in the door guns blazing? I'm shooting, you're moving, and we're not going to talk about it. Is that fear when you run for your life? Is that cowardice even though its what's live. What's "right to live"? It's the right to live when situation's change and living might cease. To be deceased. But is it cowardice if when they guns are blazing you're the one to peace? Would you bother to check if you're friends are alive? I feel its not a question I would have to, but that's just me. But what does it means to be who we are when no one really knows you? Its interesting then to look at someones family's history. You can see the steps taken by the collective whole of a culture of people. Maybe this culture is not one that can be defined outside the name of it's family: a culture known as (Your Last Name Here) . But these cultures are very important to us, this family culture"......They say, as they educate you on how is it they plan to break you. They pacify you and offer gold. Then you think its amazing that it starts educating while the guns are still blazing. Then, to usurp you're culture, assimilate it. Attribute it's effect on our society to a time that's already faded and gone. As I watch old cultures emerge from being suffocated. Worshiping what we call idols, in different languages and different life cycles, or slyly adding it into the mold. Just to be exploited on a wiki-page, or discussed about in a petting zoo: Things people said were sacred, the reason they celebrated. For example the Day of the Dead is a good place to start.

"Many Years Later, as he faced the firing squad, Colonel Aureliano Buendia was to remember that distant afternoon when his father took him to discover ice. At that time Macondo was a village of twenty adobe houses, built on polished stones, which were white and enormous, like prehistoric eggs. The world was so recent that many things lacked names, and in order to indicate them it was necessary to point. Every year during the month of March a family of ragged gypsies would set up their tents near the village, and with a great uproar of pipes and kettle drums they would display new inventions. First, they brought the magnet."

-(100 Years of Solitude Garbriel Garcia Marquez)

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