Friday, March 28, 2008

We as Adults

First a story: My uncle just had another child, and I asked him how it was going. To which he replied (with a complex grin) "just wait until you have children." First, I was a little upset that he didn't answer the question. But I got to thinking: it is expected that I get married and have children.

Question: Do you want to get married and/or have children? Why?


anu said...

hahhahahahahahhaha. funny you should ask. For me its kind of a cultural thing. Ever since I was like...12, it's been ingrained in my head that 1) I need to go to college and 2) right after that I need to get married and have kids. Otherwise I would be no use to the Indian population. So to speak :)It's kind of... a thing. So I figure I'll just go with the flow. Why not right? I mean...give or take a few years on the marriage thing. It'll make my family ridiculously happy and it's..whatever. If it happens it happens and if's all gravy baby.

Narth Mallus the Reginald said...

I was having a wild ass conversation about this the other day with a co-worker. I will entitle this dialogue: babies!

During the babies conversation we came to a few conclusions. 1) Babies cost mad money. A marriage is a sick way to get your finances in order if you do it right. A baby is a quick way to mess that all up
2) Babies make everyone act better. You know how it is, be good, lil johnnie is in the room. I think that transformation helps a lot of people see whats important in life I wouldn't mind having that reality check. 3) Babies vs Children. To have a baby means to one day have a 7 yr old, 8 yr old, 9 yr old, 13, yr old, 45 yr old.....what? lol

Getting Married:

All I have to say is Andre 3000's verse in International Player's Anthem.