Saturday, April 12, 2008

Battle of the Bands

I had the pleasure of hosting a Battle of the Bands at Temple University for the Interfraternal Council. During the battle of the bands we were riddled with the typical problems: technical difficulties. Only three bands played and the fourth act was not available. However there was some good that came out of the night and that good is Will Powerless.

They were the last band to play with the smallest audience, but they boy did they play! First and foremost it always helps when a band's lead singer can actually sing. Ryan Panfil provided elastic and emotive vocals that was able to break through a faulty sound system. Their lead guitarist, Craig Steel, used more energy than a 9 volt battery on x-mas. At one point he was in the audience sitting with the crowd, next he was in front of the judges, then he was on top of the kick drum, and before you knew it he was back on stage jumping up in down in unison with the other guitarist. Their drummer mastropietro also displayed an uncanny niche for timing and rhythm.

Click the Link in the title to hear some of the bands work

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