Thursday, April 3, 2008

Living for the Moment

Often enough, we focus our lives on the end result of a task or duty instead of living in the moment that truly matters, the present.

How many of us live with complete excitement and devout our complete attention to today? We bog ourselves with worries of tomorrow and dwells of yesterday. But what concerns those is no measure to the ideals and adventures that exist today.

I have called attention to myself recently that the present is the only true reality, and that while we prepare for the future, but must not become consumed within it. I have lived my college years worried about where I will end up when I finish and how I will live my life when I reach my goals. Well, what if things change before then? What if my life spirals in a different path or a bomb goes off that blows us all away? Well, maybe the second possibility is not as immediate, but why should I be more concerned with tomorrow than I am about now? Now is all we have. Every breath, every spoken word, every feeling and thought we have... that is what defines the essence of now.

I can relate these thought ideals to the song "Imagine" by John Lennon. He sings, "Imagine there's no heaven... no possessions... no countries... imagine all the people living for today." I think it is true that without concerns for what we possess on earth and claim to have a right to, we as a people can be so much more. What separates us from other animals is our ability to rationalize, and therefore we can discern between what is meaningful and what is not. I believe that we are capable of acknowledging that things and pleasures are only momentary, and cannot endure for great lengths of time. This is not a belief that we should all be scandalous and destructive without concern for the future, but that we should relish in our day to day activities and not take them for granted. We should enjoy each and every conversation, every hug and handshake, every hello and goodbye, as it is something that we have to hold onto for that irreplacable moment in time.

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Narth Mallus the Reginald said...

The Moment:

A good friend of mine once said that great tragedy is one of the only ways individuals really live in the moment. It's a wave that forces you to feel the gravity of your current situation. It's unavoidable, it is often an event that has already had much foreboding in the past. These moments I think are beautifully unfortunate. They squeeze the life out of us and juice us into the moment, then we drink the moment up as time goes on.

Truly living in a momemnt means focus on the atmosphere. It means paying attention to how people interact with you and the surrounding. It may even lead to self-conciousness, the idea of man as a rational actor in his environment. I think in order to fully taste what life has to offer we have to be there. We can't be two years in the past, or 5 years in the future. However, we learn tremendous amounts from the past. So I like to learn from it. And the future is always approaching, so I try tp be prepared for it.