Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Time to Give In

When is it time to give in? Everything and everyone around you is pulling you to make decisions. EVERYTHING and EVERYONE... your friends, your family, people you don't even know. People holding up signs telling you who to vote for. What if i don't wanna vote? People telling you do this, do that. What's with that. When i sit back and think about it i'm doing it right now. Telling you to take in what i'm saying. I know its not possible to dodge everything thats being thrown your way but you can make up your mind... when it's time to give in.

When i first came to college, i was a studious, timid, not so rebellious individual. I'm still not too rebellious but i'm sure as heaven not as studious as i once was, definitely not shy and can honestly say its because i gave in. I gave in to what other people said college was. I gave in to what peers said i should do and what's fun. It's not that i didn't have my own mind. They just made it sound so nice and i decided that i would give in. I do not blame anyone for my decisions, they were mine. I do wanna point out that there are times to give in and times when we shouldn't.

Love... dum dum dum daaaaaa. When is it time to give in? I am in a relationship (not currently dating but still a relationship) with a lady for a little over a year. And she got hit with a lot i threw her way, but i do not take any blame for her decisions. Now... it's my turn to make some decisions. I party a lot... often, sometimes, but a lot. and she doesnt. So what do i have to give in to? A slightly quieter lifestyle. No more random friends (female). No more random nights of doing whatever i want... Do i give in? Its that or lose the one i say i love. But it's not so easy. I did so much work to become that person that makes random friends on random nights and i like it. It is getting kind of old... but thats who I am. So what do you give up for love? Most people would say everything. And i agree, you give up everything, but when? When is it time to give in? I know i will. I dont know when.

Give in to something good.

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anu said...


I definitely feel you on the giving in thing. I don't really know when to give in. But I figure that's what makes us unique- the point at which we give in. It's different for all of us. I think it depends on who wants us to change. In all honesty, I respect my parents and usually if they tell me something and it makes sense, I give in. As long as it makes sense to me.

And yeah, I think I'm addicted to who I am. I'm ok with change but overall...yeah.

Narth Mallus the Reginald said...

Look at you! Damn, homie that's real talk? I think my last couple relationships have failed because I've been afraid to give in. You get crap from your friends, you wonder whether or not you've changed too much of yourself. Than there is always that rush to "submit" after its all said in done. When they're walking out the door and its you're last shot and its sooooo too much too little too late. Yeah.