Saturday, April 26, 2008

We're All Stars Now...In the Dope Show

  1. Who are these Jonas Brothers and when will they do the Hanson thing and just be "Jonas"

  2. Is it me or does Gnarles Barkley front man Cee-Lo sing crazy a little too comfortably (new album odd couple check it out)

  3. Lil Bow Wow is 21...Lil Romeo is in college, wow we're getting old...I'm sorry I mean Bow wow and Romeo they dropped the lil...did Kim?

  4. Jay-z is MARRIED!....I wonder if when he goes out "Big Pimpin" if Beyone asks him to "Say My Name"

  5. Are the writers from Heroes still on strike, because the writers from Prison Break might as well be WTF mate?

  6. Madonna's been crawling on stage longer than I've been walking on pavement. She's like 80 and still at it.

  7. Celebrity Death Match: Brett Michaels vs Flavor Flav : "Death Match of Love" winner goes on to take on Monique

  8. Recession and a War! Wow its a sweet time to be an American

  9. Dr. Larry Brilliant the google not real he's a Bush Administration conspiracy to pacify us!

  10. This season of Real World is a disgustion exploitation of the kids who were always on time out in grade school. This is what you're permanent record is really used for. And to believe Mrs Applebee said they'd never amount to anything!

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