Friday, May 30, 2008

dress clothes

Before I got to college I never really had to wear suits or dress clothes much. I had a suit when I was a young boy, a suit for high school that didn't fit incredibly well, and rented tuxes for proms.

I guess you could say I got into "fashion" a lot more. I got a very nice suit for christmas, mostly because a lot of the SigEp events would require one, and the ones I would wear (aka the ones my dad wore some time ago) looked a little on the shabby side. I used to feel very uncomfortable in formal wear, now I find myself looking for excuses to wear them.

To illustrate the point a little better, my closet last year contained:

novelty "Joke" tees
Solid color shirts
two tone ringer tees
poorly fitting polo shirts
white short sleeve dress shirts(for school)
some sweaters

My closet still contains these things, but now I have an ample supply of casual and formal collared shirts which, in all honesty, have become my favorite things to wear.

Very excited for SigEp's senior send off tomorrow. Went with two of my brothers to get dress shirts. Picked up a very nice black pinstriped shirt and one of those suit jacket hankeys.(There's probably an actual term for this thing.)

So yeah. There's an opposing viewpoint to anybody that says college is a poor influence.

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