Friday, May 2, 2008

I Never Want To Talk To You Again

I Don't Love You, Anymore

It's January of 2007. The year just started, and you know the feeling that comes with this thought: This year is my year. But if it's about to be my year, why am I wishing it would end already, is the thought that keeps crossing his mind. I've been doing my thing, he thinks. He's cooking a meal his mother is orchestrating over the other end of his phone. That phone sucked, he remembers thinking back on it. The meal is coming out horrible, he was supposed to have a partner their to help him. His girl, or at least he wanted her to still want to be...She was down the block 8 hours late. Don't get mad that she's with her X. Don't think that she's talking shit on you, and plotting to end it with you...why would you think that? It has nothing to do with the more than obvious hints she's been dropping you. The hints that would go on to be a long cold silence that would last well after the relationship ended.

ring ring ring ring

Him: hello
Her: Hey, I'm ready (weakly)
Him: I'll come get you

Rain...Fuck he thinks, this is perfect. It was such a beautiful day too. But you all know how the cosmos works. It always rains on nights like this. A light drizzle, playful almost, mists the streets. 1 block: What am I going to say? 2 blocks: Why does my stomach feel like this? 3 block: I am Jack's furious anger?

Arrival: ding-dong. "Hey is she here?". It's really not a time to talk to her friends, he thinks. We all know what will happen if he talks to her friends. My life is so cinematic...she descends down the stairs. She's sad, why is she sad, she's come all this way to see she didn't you asshole, she came all this way to do it in person/don't think that/don't lie to yourself. Slam! The door's shut behind her.

Scenario: You're alone with your girl, your worst fear and the whole world.

Him: Hey
Her: Hey
Him: How was your day?
Her: Okay
Him: You couldn't have finished sooner?
Her: What...
Him: You couldn't have finished hanging out with him sooner?
Her: WTF! I told you I was coming down to see both of you, because I haven't seen him in such a long time, and whatever I knew this was going to happen!
Him: You knew what was going to happen?
Her: This..that this was going to happen? (pause) I don't know how to say this?
Him: Say what?
Her: I can't do this anymore!
Him: Can't do what?
Her: can't do this anymore. It's kiling me!
Him: What do you mean killing you? You love me .......

Why would their be a pause?
Scenario Change: You are all alone with your ex-girl, your worst fear and the whole world

The rain increases, thanks a lot.

Her: I don't love you anymore...
(It's hard to say it comes out dry)
Him: You're lying. I don't believe you.
Her: I don't love you anymore
(Saying it once gives her strength to say it again with more conviction)
Him: How can you say that..after all we been through
Her: Don't touch me!
Him: Baby, stop.
Her: Don't fucking touch me, okay?
Him: Have long have you felt like this?
Her: I don't know...I've been trying to tell you for a long time
Him: Well, I guess I knew. I could tell, with the pushing me away and pulling me close. I guess I was just waiting for you to have the balls to actually say it.
Her: You're an asshole.
Him: Fuck you

He turns to walk away. Don't cry, you pussy, he thinks. What's that warm dripping sliding down my face? It's raining, keep it moving.

Her: Wait come back
Him: No Fuck you
Her: ARgh! You see, you're such a fucking asshole!

Keep walking...if you turn back now you'll never respect yourself. 1 block: Don't cry...please don't cry. 2 blocks: stop crying... 3 blocks: It's pouring out.

He walks back in the house, it smells like burning meatloaf. Great, I fucking burned dinner, is an under thought that he tries to make more important than his bleeding heart. Ew, don't be so dramatic.

Friend: Yo dude the foods burning.
Him: My bad, I got it.
Friend: Where's your girl...not coming?
Him: Nah. She never wants to talk to me again...
Friend: Word.
Him: Word. Hungry?

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