Monday, May 26, 2008

Reppin Brown Town: Dance Scene

So I'm not much of a YouTube person. FYI.

And so the YouTube stuff I do watch and is pretty frickin near and dear to my heart. So to speak.

The stuff I care about? I'm really into dance and...well, Indian dance stuff.

The first video is the Cal bhangra team. You can find bhangra beats in a lot of modern hip hop stuff- artists like Jay Z, club remixes, whatever. It has a lot of bhangra influence.

This is our team's promo video- where to do bhangra. I thought it was funny. Maybe it's not. Whatever. Anyway...

So I like this actual dance video because....I'm in it. It's last years team and I love Berkeley Di Tohr! I'm shameless- yes I know. BUT- if you wanna learn some dance moves, study the video and take it to the clubs and I promise you you'll be able to use it at least a few times! :)

And this is UC Berkeley's Hindi Film Dance team. Basically they take songs from Bollywood movies and....make a mix and perform it. Bollywood stuff is like a fusion of lots of dances- bhangra, hip hop, jazz, classical Indian- everything. It's pretty awesome. It's their own choreo so a lot of effort went into coming up with 8 minutes of original material. A lot of my friends are on the team and...they're pretty frickin amazing. They won first place in the nation! So it's legit.

And last video that has absolutely nothing to do with Indian-ness, brownness, or Cal.

I LOVE America's Best Dance Crew on MTV and the team that won- the Jabbawockeez. I watched this video out of my own volition. That's saying something. So I thought I would post it for y'all that appreciate amazing dancers.

Ok- I'm YouTubed out.

I'm out

Much love

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shiv144 said...

Props, hot dance! Punjabi pride