Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Truth About Cats and Dogs (part 1)

Relationships in College

Its freshman move out time... and I was on my way to the caf to get breakfast when I saw a girl I met at the beginning of fall semester: Freshman. She was weepy eyed, and tear stained. It reminded me of a few people I know from freshman year actually. I couldn't help but marvel at the space time continuum for a moment. Every year teenagers from across the country set off on the adventure of higher education to better their life, and every year this is someone's story; The story of the Summer Time Woes. When star crossed lovers from different states and sections of the US return home without their boo. Often times at parties I've seen the drama firsthand. "Breaking up in the middle of the dance floor/he screams they part she begins to dance more" know how it goes. I don't think we're too young to love. However I do think that we're too young to play house. And as much as it sucks that people have to part in the summer, if you're going through the summer time woes, I encourage you to take this time and think about you for a bit. Learn more about yourself, grow. Because you can't love another until you love yourself.

I love Sex Cigs and Caf

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