Thursday, May 8, 2008

Yeah, I cry when things are creepy!


So yesterday afternoon I was kickin it with my sorority sisters at a BBQ talking shit, when all of a sudden I hear the famous chant “JERRY JERRY JERRY!” Immediately our conversation was put on hold and all our attention went to the television set. The Jerry Springer Show was just about to begin. Wow! We wanted to watch it! It’s title was “The Stupid Show” so we knew it had to be good. This episode was filled with “Stupid” issues that were clearly fake, but that’s not what I was interested in.

During the middle of a fight between two rednecks over their fiancĂ©/mother, a creepy man walked across the stage and the camera lens focused right on him. “EW” Jerry Springer likes to add things to his shows to make it more entertaining but this was not funny, I started crying! Lol

Have you ever seen something so scary or EVER been so scared from someone jumping out at you that it made you cry? Well, I love scary movies but when I see something extremely scary/creepy I get this really bad feeling inside and bawl my eyes out. So back to the show, this creepy thing came out on stage and my response was “What the Fu** is that”!! as I curled up into a ball. It was a man with only a head, 2 arms, and half his stomach hopping around the stage and up top on the balcony looking down at the fight. He had make-up on his face which made him look even scarier and long shaggy hair. I started screaming and tears fell down my eyes as I told my sisters to change the channel because I was so scared. Am I scared cat?

That’s not the problem though, this creepy thing on Jerry Springer triggered off a bad memory of something that I have been scared of for a long time now. In about 10th grade my best friend made me watch this video of a creepy bunny dancing lady which had me hysterically crying. Not because it could be seen as funny but because I was scared shitless! I want to allow everyone to view the video I watched years ago and refuse to watch today hear your thoughts.

My fear of it is so bad that one time someone put it on my computer at our college computer lab with the sound on, and when I came back to the computer and saw it there, I started bawling my eyes out and screaming to get it off my screen as I ran away. YES, I DID THIS INFRONT OF HUNDREDS OF STUDENTS! You might think I’m a baby but watch it in the dark alone with the sound on and we will see what you think. Some people think it’s funny but not me! I’m scared to death of this video and the her face as she approaches the screen and as I leave you now to watch it, I am having someone else post so I do not have to view it! Let me know if this creeps you out!!!!!!!




Narth Mallus the Reginald said...

aw that sucks that your friends get joy in messing with you like that. i think its natural for people to want to capitalize on other's weaknesses just because they can. It makes them feel powerful. Any whooo, brave of you to come out and say that creepy things make you cry, thats the first step to getting over it, ninja!

Quiznos said...

Missy, thats the creepiest video on the internet without any doubt. That lady freaks the shit out of me.