Thursday, June 5, 2008

Body Language

So I'm in my data analysis class today a little after noon on this beautiful June day in VA, blazed as hell. Now i sit in the front row, i need to so i don't fall asleep. Eyes weren't too red and i axed myself before class and asked my roommate what i smelled like and he said i smelled like i was trying to mask my scent and i said "only to the criminally inclined." So back to data; I'm in class cracking up over the prof's silly ass jokes and she looks at me and starts laughing in unison. This happens a couple more times during class and we were clearly having a good time but the last time it happened i started laughing with her but then suddenly turned my head away stopped laughing and just looked off into space. I'm not quite sure why this happened, it was all very reactionary, but afterwards there were no more jokes and i wondered what this gesture looked like or implied. To me it would seem like the person is a little crazy(or blazed). The remainder of the class period was solemn and tedious. The whole rest of the class I'm wondering if i killed her humorous spirit and made data analysis even less interesting then before; feeling crappy about it, all because of random reactionary gesture. Then i revere the potential consequence of my probably meaningless gesture; if i can even call it a gesture, it was really like half of a head shake. But think of the implications of all body language and the potential for communication or miscommunication that it could result in. Think of all the times you saw a prospective mate look at you, but look at you in way that lets you know they're interested. Or when you have to tell a friend some potentially troubling news and you know how they are going to react before they say anything. We don't have to talk to talk but we do need to and can't help but communicate. We should never take our gestures for granted; we can never see the entire ripple our particular splash makes.

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