Monday, June 23, 2008


So, I was setting up for the party the next day(I work as a waiter in a catering hall) when two of the guys that are with me start talking about taking percocets. I stop myself from saying anything. it's not my business what they do in their free time. then they start talking about their habits of taking them with shots. Still don't say anything, getting into a fight puts my job at risk. I don't understand that at all though. If you've listened to any of the anti drug talks in any school you should know that depressants and alcohol don't mix.

I'm not "uncool" or a narc or anything. I won't go knocking beers out of the hands of 18 year olds, or giving people lectures on how pot kills brain cells. If somebody is doing that, I'm not about to stop them if it isn't whats defined as a "problem". When people begin to get out of hand, you stop them. That's always been my policy, it's always worked, and nobody has been hurt.

When shit like this goes on things are out of control. This generation, my generation, has no sense of responsibility. 18 pushes it, but I accept that as a legal adult you should be informed enough to make your own choices. The problem is that people start doing these things at 14. People born the same age as me started drinking and using drugs at 13. Sex quickly followed at 14.(Things beyond "second base")

What the fuck is that? If drinking and drugs can damage your brain at 18(according to the reasoning to raise the legal drinking age to 21) what do you think would happen to a 14 year old? Combine this with a society hell bent on making us into an "ideal image" of the good looking self reliant badass who might not be too bright but gets ahead on sheer daring, and out future isn't looking too bright. Were left with schools full of devil may care optimists looking for that next big fix. If you think I'm exaggerating, thing about this-would you want these kind of people building bridges, designing structural intregrity of bridges, teaching your children or god forbid leading this country?

As a generation we're known for desiring instant gratification. We demand whatever work we produce be received well, even if we knowingly did poorly on it. We want what we demand now, because we have been so accustomed to it. We drink, take drugs and have sex because we don't want to wait. We want to be grown up, and of course we want what the grown ups have. My youngest sister had her first cell phone when she was 11. Why did she want one? Her friend the material girl had one. To this day her cell phone is only used to call home if she happens to be out somewhere, and used to call her friends while she is in the house. She is now ready to spend 200 dollars on whatever the newest cell phone came from verizon so she has the convenience of a keyboard. She argues she needs it, because I have a cell phone. That's true, but I also live away from home and have no land line. If I don't have a cell phone, I live in my room at Drexel and anywhere I can walk to. I will admit I don't even need a cell phone when I'm not at Drexel. But, it dosn't stop the slippery slope that is consumerism. The same sister in question bought a laptop one year later. She spent 800 dollars, and her lack of technical savvy and common sense left it full of viruses and barely usable within six months. It sits in a cabinet gathering dust. If she asks to use the family PC, we tell her to sue her laptop. Her response is always the same-"The PC is better, I want to use that one."

Mabye things have changed when I was a kid. Hell, mabye I'm still nuts, but 800 dollars is a LOT OF FUCKING MONEY to spend on something you won't use. I won't lie to you and say that some of those above traits don't apply to me. I recognize that impatience has always been a big weakness of mine. Also, I have both my own PC and laptop. However, I also happen to be an Information Systems major, which means computers are my eventual career. I bought my PC bare bones and updated only as I needed. I also needed to buy the laptop, as most of my classes live and die on having it.

I do concede a lot of things about myself. But I show some things a lot of people my age don't-respect and restraint. I got such a culture shock when i heard my roommate cursing out his parent's while talking to them. I couldn't imagine cursing at my parents. I've argued with them, but I show some respect to what they say. I feel like an outcast if declining whatever sort of drug or liquor or drug is offered to me. I hate most kinds of shots, they all taste like total shit to me. Why should I be questioned if I decline it based on that reason? People don't look at you funny if you don't like tomatoes or spinach or something like that. I guess the answer is spinach doesn't get you "fucked up."

Which goes back to the story I told in the start of this post. The whole reason 2 or 3 pills are combined with alcohol is that very reason, it gets you wasted. We are a generation that revolves around getting "fucked up" because it seems to be the adult thing to do. I was made fun of before for what could essentially be called maturing slowly. people called me a little kid. Well, can anybody tell me what was wrong with being a kid?

The way I remember it, being a little kid was great. I never had to worry about money as a kid. Sure, there were toys and games I wanted, but I never had to worry about anything else. I didn't have to work, I didn't have a massive student loan, a car, or anything like that. As a kid you took so much more pleasure in things we take for granted now. As a kid I remember feeling like a big shot if I had 10 dollars to my name. If I had 20 I could have just won the lottery. If I had 50 I was Donald fuckin Trump. Back before I got promoted to waiter I used to get about 50 dollars(after taxes) for an 6 hour day of washing dishes. I would always look at it and be annoyed at how little money that actually was.

Being a kid, to me, was all about the simple pleasures in life. Things like Saturday Morning Cartoons, not having to be so politically correct all the damn time, not having to feel bad about what brand of clothes I wore, or constantly wondering if people have hidden motives when I interact with them.

Overall, I think we Generation Y kids would be much better off if we started to find deep lasting happiness from inside, rather than quick fixes from beer sex and drugs. My roommate for example, whatever bad habits and traits he has, is one of the most admirable people I know in this regard. He has a lot of issues and ailments that mess with his mood, but he still manages to be happy simply from the good things in his life. This kind of happiness doesn't ebb and flow, it stays with you. It doesn't make the next day any more dismal, it carries you. I feel this kind of happiness at times, and I only want it to get stronger. If you have nothing in your life to give you this, then you might just have wasted your life with substance abuse.

Also, i would like to dedicate this entry to George Carlin. He died Sunday, June 22nd of heart failure. In a world where people are judged on looks and looked down on for coherent thought, taught to be overly politically correct, and unquestioning support of common norms, it takes a pretty brave person to say what we all think and question our destructive norms.

"I always question the received reality. The consensus reality is often intentionally misleading" George Carlin

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