Monday, June 2, 2008

Reading is Fundemental

So I might be a little late on the theme BUT it is so necessary for people to watch this video.

It’s one of those times when someone in our culture stepped away from the pack and publicly said “Ya’ll niggas is crazy”. I mean honestly when I was first sent this clip all I did was laugh but I watched it again and realized damn he’s so right. People in our generation, at least those that I see, seem to be so flippant about the world we live in. They seem unconcerned with global warming, unaffected by the price of gas (hold on before you jump all over me other than the complaining how many of us have truly changed our driving habits?), and a lot of us don’t even know what’s going on in the world of politics surrounding the upcoming election. I mean if things aren’t promoted in a popular rap song, so few messages get heard. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of people in the hip hop world trying to send a message (mos def, little brother, talib) but IF you hear them on the radio it’ s at 2 am when they think nobody’s really listening. I mean G-d forbid we miss out on Sexy can I one time to hear somebody with a realistic point of view and something intelligent to say. Who we idolize is SO JACKED UP (sometimes my vocabulary goes out the window don't judge me) it’s not even funny. I mean remember when kids wanted to be astronauts and the president? What happened? I know that most of you reading this feel like this doesn’t apply to you, I mean hell it doesn’t apply to me BUT I know enough people that it does apply to. At this point it’s not even a question of intelligence, it’s that we just don’t care. I know a girl that refuses to eat organic food because she thinks it tastes weird and her eating chemicals in the chicken and radiated broccoli (didn’t know about that did you? That’s a whole different post for another day) didn’t hurt her so her kids will be just fine. WHAT THE HELL? This youtube video needs to be shown after every 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Fat Joe, and countless other's videos because yes WE know that 50 lives in CT and Jay-Z has an apartment in Fort Lee but these kids don’t. WE know Fat Joe doesn’t “hang on the block” in his old neighborhood anymore and Juelz moved to Englewood, NJ to be with his baby mama but they don’t. Our generation needs to care about something, about making the world better starting here and now and stop thinking it doesn’t affect us because look around you smart people IT DOES.

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