Friday, June 13, 2008

Real Talk with Magic

BS Policies
So lets talk about the bullshit that happened to me and my boy the other day. We're at Temple Towers a residence hall on Temple U's campus, on his balcony. BALCONY. When he decides to step out for a moment to have a stogie. So, we're chillin' and chatting, trying to elevate our souls with conversation when there is an abrupt interuption: knock knock knock. He goes and answers the door:



"Do you work here?" the lady at the door asks

"Yes, I do" my friend responds.

"Um, then you should know that you can't smoke on the balcony. The smoke has been coming into my window all the time and I'm going to have to report you. I'm an RA here. "

"I'm sorry, actually I didn't know that, it won't happen again."

And you think the story would end there, but it didn't. She proceeds to get her supervisor to come and harrass mon ami for another 10 or so minutes. They try to give him the guilt trip about how he's a bad role model for the building because he's breaking policy and he should know better because he's worked for them before. What? F-that. I'm sorry. I'm tired of 2nd rate supervisors on power trips to enforce nonsense rules that don't matter. You know what its time for!


Whew...although that goes against my good Christian nature, the thought did cross my mind.

Question: Have you ever had a supervisor give you crap for no reason?

Have you ever got in an altercation that could have been resolved in the other party would have just been a little more chill?

I Hate BS Policies

You love Sex Cigs and Caf

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Mr. Infamouz said...

FUK TEMPLES POLICIES lol every other university in the world is mad chill, while gay ass temple is strict with the students for no reason