Monday, April 18, 2011

Your BoyFriend's Friend

Narth Mallus the Reginald started to dictate to me a story he wanted me to post.... And then he got distracted by CoD eventually he said:

Your Boyfriend's Friend

in a relationship, it gets hard to talk to the person that you claim to be in love with. Everyone knows this, and sometimes it's hard to admit, because a relationship really when you breaking it down is talking.
A relationship is talking, you need somebody to talk to. And
when you can't talk to the one you love you want to talk to someone about it. "Girl lemme tell you why John is a bitch ass nigga today" you know what i'm saying?
So sometimes what develops from this moment is a relationship that is based upon talking about another relationship. That person you complain to, or that person you vent to often times becomes closer to the issue because of the initamcy of your relationship with them.
What does this mean? This means that if your next boyfriend is the guy that you complained about your ex boyfriend about, that because that's the person you talked to. Now you have to ask yourself if this person is giving you advice about your relationship but harbors strong enough feelings to be with you, is their advice biased.

My reply.
Word, it depends on when they started having those feelings for you. Did their feelings start before you even opened up to them cause then yeah it might be biased, but if you were able to open up and be intimate with them about your life, you got closer to them as well. in fact you opening up maybe what starts the whole thing. Shizzam.

Narthy's response
So, is that not biased. Once upon a time i knew a girl who liked to kiss me, and the first time we kissed was way before the first time she kissed another boy, and this other boy she kissed felt like i was doing something wrong to him because she liked to kiss me. And
what gives us the right because if the right belongs to her then he has no right to be mad at me because she likes to kiss ME. but if the right belongs to no one and just floats out there as something to be grabbed by the person who claims the be the angriest about it the person who claims to feel the most about it sometimes that has to be respected because because she had that relationship and when she asked me about what she should do with this man i encouraged them. Because to do anything else would be to sabotage their relationship and if anything can exist between us i didn't want it to be at the cost of another person. because thats a horrible way to start a relationship i think thats not a firm foundation at all. Thats my point, and it took a long time to get there. And im saying this because

he got distracted by CoD again.

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