Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Eats

El Churritos

El Churritos is an authentic Mexican Cuisine restaurant located in Hoboken, NJ on 11th and Washington st. Washington st, is full of great places that have high quality food at affordable prices. As I venture around the tri-state area I will stop in on some eateries and give my 2 cents on it for you all. I think what makes El Churritos so good, aside from there hugh portion sizes, is there passion for food. The restaurant also has a smaller more tequilla oriented partner store in West New York. I went to eat with the lovely enchanting and beautiful Princess, a fellow contributor and my future baby momma lol, and we had an amazing time. My suggestion is go early because they get filled very fast, and as the princess noted Mexican places really like to pack you in!

The Appetizers,

The Main Dish

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