Friday, April 29, 2011

These Posts Make Us Immortal

I have a life philosophy that I live by, it's a process. It's simply stated but deeper in implication and meaning:

Undefine then Redefine

A lot of our world has been given to us. Not all of it was neatly packaged. There are rules of conduct, religions, and institutions that tell us who and what to be. There are expectations from families and friends about what we should be doing.

Then in the course of your life time there are experiences that are personally interpreted. For example, you go online and make a facebook account. You think of it in the same manner that you've been programmed to, you think that you're going to be able to communicate with your friends online in a safe internet program.

Then something happens.: Your mom gets on facebook and friends you.

Your relationship with facebook is immediately undefined and then redefined. So now its not just a place to talk with your friends, its a place for you to hide things from your mom...again.

Then your employer goes onto facebook and looks at your pictures (that you should have had on privacy setting) and asks you about a night you said you were sick, and had posted pictures of you at the bar taking shots with your co-workers, whoops. Once more your thoughts of facebook is undefined and then redefined.

Then something else happens, a good friend of yours passes away. And you go on their facebook page and you see a list of R.I.P's, from the same people who used to post "happy birthday" to them. You see heartfelt 120 character blurbs expressing how people miss them, to check up on the family. Do you see where I'm going with this?

I encourage you all to actively undefine and redefine the relationship with your world. There are some connections with life that we are all taking for granted. There are activities and relationships that could potentially mean more than we give them credit for. Don't let life define you, you define life.

So in this moment right here I like to restate the meaning of my title. These Posts Make Us Immortal. These posts on this simple site will out live us. Regardless of whether or not they are read by loved ones or strangers. We are apart of an international giving and taking, sharing and receiving of ideas. It is a truly remarkable thing we're doing, even if it's only copying pasting and left clicking Publish Post.

Post Well.

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