Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hot house... Nothing to do

Fuckin 92 degrees in this house and I got nothing better to do than to sit around and think. I started to wonder who should I call to chill? absolutely no one, not really that no one is around, just that i live so far and i dont feel like burning the gas. But lets say that I got the gas, still fuck it. what the fuck am I gonna go do, spend money? hell no. Im a pilot in training that needs to start saving money, shit idk if imma make the money by friday for the training session that I have scheduled. Why? well im too nice of a guy. This chick needed doe and I gave it to her, lent out a helping hand so that she wouldnt be screwed... I love her to death but seriously fuck her. I gave her that shit 2 weeks ago and she still has yet to pay me back, gave me the excuse that she cant right this second or shell be broke. Bitch im broke now, i gave up my shit to help you out and now your robbing me of what I want to do, what ive been dreaming to do, my future here... Fuck. So hell no to spending money. Now that leaves me to be doing what im currently doing, sitting around doing nothing.
Im reading a book about the seduction community... the world of pick-up artists. Interesting stuff in here. you know i think i should be more like these guys. They get those girls to spread em faster than anything you can imagine. but there is no commitment. This fucking guy in the book will flirt with a girl to get her number only to throw it out in 2 seconds, or hell take em, fuck em, and never call back. textbook douchebag if you ask me but you know what, that mother fucker is never alone. well this gets me thinking about changing my game to be like this only to keep them around alittle longer. See Will Smith in Bad Boys keeps all the girls around, and there are even times when they show up unannounced half dressed to his place. damn I wish i was that lucky. I know i got the swag and potential (girls and gays say it all the time) I just need to ditch that nice guy act. I need to be more self centered then maybe things will change.
Last night i was at a party and thanks to my asshole friend James, i threw up within the first hour of the party. the funnier part is that there were 2 of my friends walking into the party as James was walking me to a safe throw up zone.
girl: Nick, James whats up?!?
guy (not james): Oh shit whats up guys
(James starts to laugh)
Me (Nick): This is one hell of a greeting
ok, no i am not a light weight... lets go over how this happened.... I get to the party and these kids are playing Sangria Pong (Beer Pong with Sangria) played a game and drank most of the cups and all alcoholics know that Sangria is filling. for round 2 James makes me pour a full pong cup to the rim with sangria and before we start pouring into the game, he changed his mind and said we are playing with beer... what the fuck am I supposed to do with all this sangria? yep get called a "left vagina face" and down the whole thing and then play beer pong with my A game because i was soooo full at this point that i didnt wanna drink beer... we had an almost perfect game if James didnt suck. so afterward, people start putting food in my mouth and before i could count it all, i was already at like 3 cheeseburgers and 2 Heinekins and 1 Corona after the Sangria... so just as i go to sit down and light a cigar to relax and let shit settle, everyone starts to play flip cup and i get called a vagina again cause i wasnt playing. I begin to play and i was beasting the first 2 games but then i started to feel it. so i pretended to be cocky and go slow as a joke (really i was going slow cause I wanted to make sure i didnt vomit). eventually i couldnt hold it in and walked to the street with the kid that caused it all, James. (yes right afterward i continued drinking)
Well there was acouple decent girls present that i didnt know so i took time to get to know them... with the entire party knowing about me throwing up, i did not really look to hook up with anyone. lets face it, Im not gonna try to do that to someone. but however i decided to work on conversation. Carryin out a convo and keeping the swag. I did good, by the end of the night i had afew numbers and all of them said im really cool and wanna chill sometime, not bad for the kid who blew chunks (kissing them would have been gross... I am not gonna do that to someone).
But now here I am in this 92 degree house. the girls havnt hit me up but still i dont think id wanna drive all the way to see them. I shit you not I am sooo bored but in no position to spend money cause i gave my boy money (that im not on him for paying me back because he is my boy) and this chick that im alittle annoyed with at the moment.
Well thats all I have to report for right now... Thanks for reading!!!

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