Friday, June 10, 2011

Fall From Grace

Heaven is a place on earth
and hell is right beside it
you never have to look to far
in a second you could find it
on the corner of your block
if you don't look both ways
in the middle of the night
in the middle of the day
you could,
you could fall
from a very high place
you could fall from pride
or you could fall from grace
they told me drive slow
don't be boozing behind the wheel
my man E, was on E
put himself through the windshield
now that's damage
if you saw his girlfriend
that's panic
panic can span the coast of your soul
like the atlantic
and there is
an assumption of continuity
so even when your in pieces
the public still sees the unity
even when theirs diseases
and reason to fear impunity

Heaven is a place on Earth
but where the Earth is
what are we here for
and are we worthless
purpose, is often aimless
aims are, seen often undone
so I keep climbing
until there's no where left to fall from

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